If the Internet Didn't Exist

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I'm currently house-hunting and thus faced with that scary reality - that when I move I might have to do without the Internet at home for a while! This started me thinking about what I would do if the Internet didn't exist, and how different my life would be!
  1. I would read more - I don't read anywhere near as much as I used to because my online "life" takes up so much of my time!
  2. I would call my friends - Instead of emailing or using Facebook to keep in touch! I barely ever make phone calls anymore!
  3. I would probably have more money - The lure of minimum-effort bargain-hunting on eBay is always far too strong for me to resist!
  4. I'd watch TV shows when they air in the UK - As opposed to 24 hours after they're shown in the US.
  5. I'd probably have a far better social life!

What impact would an Internet-free world have on your life?


Heidi Rose said...

I admit, without the internet, I might be more social, and read more than I already do, but I feel the good points balance out if not outweigh the bad:

1. I would not have my excellent blogs to inspire me everyday, and my life would probably be even more monotonous than normal. How could I deal without that extra color in my day?

2. I would know significantly less. Let's face it: sometimes the internet can explain in seconds what your teachers can't make understandable in a week of classes.

3. I would have to buy any music I wanted to listen to. I LOVE PLAYLIST.COM SO MUCH!!!

4. I would hardly ever talk to my older sisters! My major source of contact with them now is facebook chat, and I must say, we are closer than ever.

5. I would not have access to so many delicious recipes! And to think I might never have tasted that awesome Strawberry Rhubarb pie, the recipe of which I found like buried treasure on the internet... I shudder to think!

Lulu said...

I would be a lot more social too I am sure- but I would never get to watch English TV (live in Japan), my phone bill would be astronomical because at the moment I try to use skype or facebook to keep up with friends and family, I would not have met so many of my lovely friends in Japan as we have a true "modern friendship" and met through blogging and forums.

I would also have more time to sew & craft instead of spending my time reading blogs and facebook though.

Ms Constantine said...

I can relate to all of your points Vixel, and the points in the comments!
We're half heartedly looking for a new flat too and instead of worrying about how I'm going to pack all my stuff up and settle into a new house I'm worrying about where I'll be able to use the net until ours gets reconnected!

I wouldn't know nearly as much as I do now without the net. I wouldn't have a business, supplies, constant inspiration. I have no idea what I'd do without the net because I am on it all day everyday!

Diggestive said...

I would use paper and pencil a bit more and have a house full of paper

releasealittledemon said...

I'd be much less aware of what's going on in the world, but I'd use the time for creative endeavors (art journaling, anyone?). I would lose touch with people who don't keep in contact, but I would write more letters to people I care about. Pros and cons...

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