Holidays that should be Invented

Posted by The Naked Redhead

PMS Day—I think all ladies should get one day a month to stay home, sleep on the couch to the tune of sappy movies, and live off a diet of mac and cheese and ice cream. Is that so much to ask? IS IT? BECAUSE I THINK WE NEED IT.

Get Rewarded for the Little Things Day—Did you throw your extra change in the charity bin at that fast food joint? Open the door for a stranger? Refrain from telling off that obnoxious woman on the bus? You deserve a day that recognizes your efforts! Gold medals for all…and a day off of work.

Puppy Personal Day—I would love to be able to tell my boss, “I am really stressed out. I’ll be taking a Puppy Personal Day today and spending time at home with my dog.”

Awesomely Bad Music Day—Dance parties in your cube! Meetings set to the rhythm of disco! Grocery shopping while singing all the words to “Mmm Bop”!

STFU Annoying Celebrity Day—Ohhh, the sound of silence from the likes of Speidi and TomKat? Yes, please!

What holiday would you invent?


Paula said...

Love the PMS day! I would like the following holidays/observances:
Rainy Day- A rainy day once a year where you're allowed to sleep in, read, or veg and can call out of work.
A Day of working outside: All offices are closed and instead you must report to work in the park (complete with a picnic lunch).

Erin said...

All of these sound EXCELLENT. I have nothing to add, so I will instead devote my efforts to endorsing your suggested days.

veronica said...

unfortunately, we don't have the holidays you requested, but we've celebrated some pretty sweet holidays- pigs in a blanket day, fly a kite day, stay up all night (day).

and yes, they're all legitimate holidays.

Luinae said...

PLEASE can we make STFU Annoying Celebrity Day!

Lulu said...

Awesomely bad music day sounds like fun.

I wish for free international travel day- then I could go see my family more often!

Heidi Rose said...

Get Rewarded For the Little Things Day sounds good to me.

jezzabellegiggles said...

PMS day is what every women needs.. once every month!!


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