Ways I'll know I've 'made it'

I love Aveda products. love them. But with my current financial status, I can hardly justify spending ten dollars on a bottle of shampoo just because I want to fanny around smelling of rosemary and mint. But someday? Someday I will exclusively use Aveda products and impress everyone within smelling-range with my woodsy, rich-girl scent. Constant use of expensive, smelly hair products are just one of the things that will signal that I've officially 'made it' - entered adulthood and a salary that goes with it. A few other ways I'll know?
  1. I'll be able to eat and buy Greek yogurt whenever I want to. Not just for special birthday breakfasts, you $5 tub!
  2. I'll own a car that was made in this decade. No more luggage racks on the trunks of 1994 Ford Tempos for me.
  3. I'll own matching bra and panty sets instead of pretending that my black bra from Target matches with everything.
  4. I'll stay in hostels and with friends because I want to not because the trip is otherwise out of my price range.
  5. My entire closet will be filled with those cedar hangers. I find the mixing of multi-colored plastic hangers and wire hangers unethical and jarring to my delicate senses.

    How will you know you've finally made it?

Posted by Sarah Von


Helen said...

One word: GHD!

MP said...

When I was little I always thought have a water/ice dispenser in your fridge was 'having it all'. I mean, c'mon, access to ice and cold water with the push of a button? Genius!

Dorothea said...

I always feel like a 'grown up' when I'm rushing to get a train, takeaway coffee cup in hand. Also, sitting on a bed with laptop. Neither of these are status symbols but make me feel important and old! To be honest, being able to spend money on anything without worrying would make me feel like I'd made it!

daddylikeyblog said...

Hahahah oh my god, Sarah, this line made me spit water onto my keyboard I was laughing so hard: "I find the mixing of multi-colored plastic hangers and wire hangers unethical and jarring to my delicate senses." Fabulous!

Lorena said...

I`ll know .. when I don´t have to work anymore !

Enna said...

When I can afford to have a child.

Luinae said...

I'll walk into a store, pick out something I like- try it on, decide if I want to purchase it without even LOOKING at the price tag. When they tell me the price I will simply hand over my credit card and then waltz out of the store- instead of scrounging the sale racks and adding GST in my head.

Heidi Rose said...

I will have an abundant supply of cute, pretty, and relatively new bras and panties.

I will be able to give quality gifts to all my loved ones for Christmas, and birthdays.

I will be able to buy a copy of every book I feel the need to own a copy of (i.e. ones I read over and over, or ones I love so much I want to be able to loan them out all the time)

I will be able to use (or just try out) quality hair products.

Paula said...

Just came across your blog and I adore it! I love the title! :)

So in answer to your questions- I completely agree with the Greek yogurt (why does that have to be so expensive!). I will also be able to eat lunch out when I want to; grab a drink without having to worry about if its the Happy Hour price. Buy lovely presents for friends birthdays and send "Just because" packages of goodies, and have a wonderfully beautiful wardrobe. :)

jezzabellegiggles said...

when i get up in the morning and hit snooze.. and then realise that i dont have to work... ever!!!

Jackie said...

1. When I own a good computer. One that plays my computer games.

2. When I can buy organic foods (heck, even just the brands that aren't knock-off brands)!

3. When I can stop asking my parents to borrow their car (because I will have my own). I feel like the only 21 year old without a car. Le boo.

Kate said...

When I've finally got the job I went to college for and have a home with a yard, patio or place for the dog... oh, yeah, and the dog, of course.

shewearsclothes said...

When I actually USE those pretty scented soaps with fancy packaging instead of keeping them on display...

When I can afford to buy my art supplies at Plaza instead of Michael's...

When I can get candy at the movie theater instead of going to Dollar Tree beforehand...

Aaaah yes those will be the days!

emily said...

totally agree with #3 and #5. :)

Jackie said...

1.When I can go for sushi whenever I feel like it.
2. When I can go shopping more then 4 times a year.
3. When I'm so busy I don't know what to do with myself.
4. When I can FINALLY buy a Mini Cooper.

Puddleduck said...

It hilarious,

But buying the exact yoghurt I want and investing in cedar hangers are two things I allowed myself on my student budget, just because they make me feel so damn good...

Give it a go! One feels indulgent and tasteful
healthy too, yoghurt is good for you :D

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