Sayings I Really Like.

1) To your own self be true.
This could be the most trite of any saying ever, but once it was said to me and struck like a sock full of pennies to the side of my skull. With that realization, I lost 30 pounds. Now, if I could just do that again...

2) Could be worse.
My grampa always says this. It might be a Minnesotan thing, or an old Polish thing, but it's true true true. Things could be worse. We are so fortunate.

3) Failure is always an option.
This saying came to me from the internet. It makes me giggle and when I feel like giving up or not even trying in the first place, I stop and think to myself that really, the worst thing that could happen is failure. We've all failed before. Sure, it's bad. But refer to #2: Could be worse!

4) Everything is going to be okay.
In life, things come out in the wash. You know what I mean? We're strong enough. We'll bounce back. It's simply true, eventually, everything is going to be okay.

5) Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.
I guess this quote is credited to Kurt Cobain, but it seems like a plagiarized interpretation of some zen philosophy. Either way, I like it. We should strive to be our best selves. Imagine all the potential you hold, why not do your personal best instead of someone else's?


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