Things I Will Pick Up Off The Ground

What? Yes. Apparently I never grew out of that childhood habit of picking things off the ground and hiding them away in my pockets for future endeavors. I walk to work every day so I pretty regularly find 'treasures' worth keeping.

1. Coins larger than a nickel
They add up, yo. Also - then I'll have something to give to all the people who hang out at the bus stop by my office, constantly hitting me up for change. "Here ya go! I picked up $1.35 in dimes and nickels on my way here!"

2. Feathers
And sometimes? I maaaay have been known to put them in my hair. Yes. Feel free to puke in your mouths and resist the urge to tell me I'm going to get fleas/hepatitis/gangrene.

3. Pretty Leaves
Again, for hair accessories or pressing between the pages of books. Or I forget about them and my cat chews on them and gets leaf bits all over the sofa.

4. Notes
I live a few blocks from a school, so occasionally I'll get lucky with a note all full of I's dotted with hearts or detailing exactly why "Ashley is a total biotch"

5. Photos
These are gold mines - the occasional rejects from a set of vacation photos are the best I've found, and a few awkward school photos. Set against that awful blue backdrop, brace-filled smiles.

6. Foreign Language Newspapers
I work in Chinatown so really, almost every newspaper is a foreign langauge newpaper. But I love to wrap presents in Chinese script and look at all the pictures of places that I haven't been (yet)

7. Lottery Tickets
Any winning ones yet? No.

8. Anything Shiny
Because, apparently, I'm a magpie.

Am I totally insane? Do you pick up treasures off the ground?

Posted by Sarah Von


The Naked Redhead said...

One time, I was so poor I actually picked up pennies off the ground. Also, I have a really hard time not picking up bits of trash at my workplace...*I* didn't put it there, but it looks gross and I can't handle it.

PS--Ashley IS a total bitch.

jholm said...

Jason and I found a picture of an adorable toddler in the parking lot at the Midway Rainbow once--he keeps it in his glovebox and tells people it's our kid.

Ms Constantine said...

Yep, totally with you. Sometimes I'll even pick up a pretty looking rock.
Or some plastic to reclaim to crafting.

Ali said...

Change - almost always.

I would definitely pick up a note and/or picture! In fact, I think I have.

Anonymous said...

I cannot help myself if I see another persons' list laying on the ground! Usually these end up being grocery lists, but you'd be surprised what people remind themselves to do/etc. in the contents of their grocery lists. And sometimes, the mere things they're shopping for are funny enough alone.

Anonymous said...

I love the notes one...i do that too :)

Anonymous said...

I used to pick stuff off the ground before I moved to the big city where the ground is really really dirty.
And feathers = head lice. Or at least I heard that somewhere.

Post-Modern Jen said...

I'll pick up a penny for good luck if it's not too gross...Also, have you ever considered you might be a mermaid- they like the shiny stuff too.

Eyeliah said...

haha, I will also pick up that nickle and pennies if they look 'lucky'.

Sarah Von said...

Post-Modern Jen! I think you're right! Now whenever someone hassles me for my shiny habit, I'll point out that I'm *probably* related to Ariel thankyouverymuch!

Jess said...

I will guiltily admit i put potential HAZMAT in my hair as well. and I used to love living near a school and picking up notes such as my favorite I hold onto in my memory, a list some worried kid jotted down:
"-hide report card
-tell mom report card is being mailed
-look up funny joke"

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