Activities I Will Always Despise Doing (ALWAYS)

Posted by The Naked Redhead

Ok, so we already know that I like cleaning, but in reality, there are some other mundane activities that I just despise. DESPISE. And no matter how much I try to tweak my attitude about it all, well, it turns out that maybe I'M JUST NOT A NICE PERSON. (Kidding. I'm awesome.) Anyway, without further ado:

1. Cleaning the catbox--I love my little purr-buckets, I do, but I ONLY want to experience them as sweet and cuddly, not as purveyors of all that is disgusting and unholy. So when you have a cat that begs, BEGS, for broccoli (and how can you not give in!?) you often have a litter box that knocks. Your. Socks off. And all that bending and scooping? Blech.

2. Getting up early--Maybe it's a part of my childhood I'm retaining, but I want my alarm clock to die a slow and painful death every time I hear it. I don't care if it's bright and sunny outside and if I have a day chock-full of unicorn riding and rainbow eating. NO.

3. Filing my billing statements--Like any good technology-loving person, I pay most of my bills on-line, as well as sign up to receive on-line statements. But there are still those sneaky little companies that refuse to show a little charity to their fellow trees and send me statements each and every month, no matter how I pay. What I SHOULD do is scan them right away, save them as .pdfs, file them on my computer, then shred and recycle them...but what I ACTUALLY do is let them sit in a menacing little pile of dirty-whiteness until I can't handle it anymore. Then I spend an evening grumbling and sorting them into my old black plastic file holder. Meh.

4. Sticking my hand in dirty dish water--Blech. It's all grey and has floaty bits and sometimes it's gotten cold because you've refused to put your hand in it so then you try to use a butter knife or spatula to loosen the little plug but all that is happening is that you're getting frustrated and water is flinging everywhere over your freshly cleaned counter tops...*breathes*. Gross.

5. Trying on jeans/swimsuits/bras--Need I say more?

What do you despise doing? C'mon...get it out. It's therapeutic! :)


Tink in My Closet said...

Trying on bras and jeans + getting up early are two of my pet hates! I also hate filling my car with petrol, cutting oinions and making my bed:)

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you on all of those. Here are some of mine:

1- shaving my legs, plucking my eyebrows and all other secretive female hair maintenance. I wish I had just invested in laser hair removal a loooong time ago.

2- getting the oil changed in my car. I always have to wait at least an hour.

3- the unending hyperlinking and proper referencing you have to do on a blog

4- cleaning my aquarium

Being Samantha said...

#5 I can not do without the support of a g/f or two and valium before I even get to the department store. Then to be follows up with martini's regardless if it went well or not.

1)Personally I hate taking out the garbage. I much rather scrub the toilet.

2)Shaving. It's just a chore. Im going back to waxing

3)Mornings. We should all be allowed to sleep til we naturally wake up then go to work. I think it would be more productive for everyone invovled. We'd take less sick days, and work harder. (maybe)

4)Commuting by public transit. More so when the weather isnt nice. (People are rude and just smell funky)

Anonymous said...

Shaving, getting up early, pumping gas and laundry. I want to get up at noon and have hairless legs. I want a car that has a never ending tank and a closet that restocks itself when I take something out like the soup cans at the grocery store. Ah, what a dream world...

Eyeliah said...

Haha, trying on bras is the worst!!
also; doing laundry in the building laundry room(ugh!), clipping and cleaning up my toenails, makin my weeky office newsletter, driving 12 hours straight through to see family in Calgary.

Anonymous said...

I hate going to the supermarket
I hate carrying the food shopping up the stairs to my 1st floor flat
I hate shaving my legs too
I hate putting the rubbish out (smelly communal bins)
I hate cleaning my car (inside and out) so most of the time I just don't!

nifer said...

Cleaning the bathroom.
Getting up early.
Washing my car.
Organizing paperwork.
Getting the mail (because I have to walk across the street now).
Changing the sheets (and trying to fold the fitted one).
Picking up my prescription (CVS sucks).
Moisturizing... it just takes so long!
Anything having to do with outside maintenance.

Tash said...

1) Cutting my nails.
2) Cold weather.
3) Looking at bad websites that were made in the 90s.
4) Washing stained tea cups.
5) Wearing "proper office" clothes.

Ali said...

Blah, I hear you!

-Bank statements/bills/money related CRAP
-Picking up after my dogs (same thing, different animal)

I'm sure I can think of more, but those are off the top of my head. Amen!

BAM said...

-Folding laundry. I have a pile of clean, but now wrinkled clothing waiting for me tonight.
-Buying stamps
-Taking glass to the recycling place-why can't they take it with my other recyclables?
-Vacumming my bathroom, b/c its the only carpet in my house and the last place I'd think to put it. Really, that is just dumb.

Anonymous said...

do you despise updating too??!?!?!
just kidding. i miss reading lists!

Anonymous said...

I will always hate cleaning up after boyfriends.
I will always hate waiting in lines.
I will always hate helping women that bring their screaming babies shopping when it is after 7:00 pm.
I will always hate filling my tires with air.
I will always hate picking up dog poop.

peekadog said...

I hate vacuuming.
I hate scrubbing the tub.
I hate emptying the dishwasher but not loading it.
I hate putting the clothes away but not washing and folding.
I love that I live in a state that does not allow me to pump my own gas, but when I leave the state I do hate the gas pumping!

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