Best Comfort Drinks

As a follow up to last week's post, here's my take on the Best Comfort Drinks!

1. Hot chocolate--Part childhood drink, part decadent splurge, hot chocolate is the go-to drink for a cold day. And, while the powdered kind is fine, the REAL kind, in a real chocolate shop where they say, "What flavor would you like?" and you get to choose between milk, dark or white and they take a giant chunk of your chosen chocolate and then just pour steamed milk over it and it melts all over and you're literally drinking HOT CHOCOLATE...oh my, excuse me...I think I may need a moment.

2. Red wine--Bad day? Fight with a friend? Or maybe you're just feeling romantic? Red wine tastes great, goes down warm, and helps relax even the most frazzled mood (or spice up a dull one!).

3. Ridiculously expensive specialty coffee from a horrid chain store--Ok, we all know that Fourbucks, er, Starbucks is the devil of the modern age, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's really nice to splurge on a ridiculous drink that has more sugar and whipped cream than actual coffee. What's better than coffee that really tastes like apple pie??

4. Cheap beer that flows like water--Look, if you're a beer snob, you don't want to waste a super tasty beer on tears and bitterness. No, you want something that goes down fast and easy, something your poorer friends could buy for you, something that makes you feel--no matter how bad your life is--like you're ACCOMPLISHING something. Line 'em up, 3, 4, 5. You're hardly buzzed, but look what you've DONE.

5. Milk--I love milk. It's good for you. It's great super cold, or heat it up and drink it warm before bed. It goes well with cookies or PBJ, and even though it's healthy, it can make you feel like you're being just a bit decadent. "I'm not drinking water or diet soda tonight! Oh no, it's MILK for me!"

What's your favorite comfort drink?


jezzabellegiggles said...

my comfort drink are

Green Tea with Lavender, rose and lemon balm

mocha (hot or iced)

Stawberry milk

and blue heaven think shake!!!


Jackie said...

I think most of my comfort drinks are warm.

Hot chocolate (topped with big puff marshmallows).

Warm sassafras tea

Black Coffee at night

Chai tea lattes

...milk and sweet ice tea are also comfort drink =]

Damsels said...

i know quite a few beer snobs . for some reason i can never get it down whether its a coors light or a stella .

never liked it much

thanks for your positive comment !:)

Heidi Rose said...

I get Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice (usually if I'm sharing a small meal with someone)
or for myself, I buy a $2.25 small latte from my local coffee shop. It tastes delicious, and it's not too pricey.

Luinae said...

I love hot tea in my favourite mug, which was handmade for a friend. I really love tea- must be the Brit in me!

Erin said...

Apple cider, tea with milk and sugar

EJ said...

Mulled wine, especially if I've made it. (Hot spiced cider if other people make it)

Milk makes me ill, but I'll still have lattes, hot chocolates and very very occasionally just plain milk to cheer me up.

Kristin said...

Pumpkin spice latte baby. They're back and boy have I been partaking!

Godlesscupcake said...

* Iced vanilla soy lattes (my current obsession)
* Raspberry Lambic
* Moet White Star
* Quality microbrewed I.P.A. beer
* Good quality green tea

Kate said...

* Chai Tea Lattes, especially in the fall
* Vanilla Steamed Milk (whole milk is THE BEST!)
* Aveda "Comfort Tea" (they ain't lyin')
* Spiced Cider
* Good Earth Iced Tea (no sugar needed)
...and when I'm really feeling bad - like sicko, Sprite is the only thing that will make me feel better... but, that's not really what you meant is it :)

enterrement vie de jeune fille said...

Hot chocolate (Nesquik)
Fruit juice

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