Things that Never Go Out of Style

Posted by The Naked Redhead

One of my friends is adorably pregnant right now and hates her long hair. BUT, she's nervous to cut it into any style because she's afraid that, "When my kid sees that, he'll think I'm so out of style!"

I chuckled at her logic, then fed her some pickles and ice cream so she'd stop talking. It got me thinking, though, are there things that never go out of style? The answer...yes! Here are five things that will never go out of style.

1. Natural Make-up--Blue eyeshadow, spidery lashes, frosty pink lipstick, 80's club make-up: these looks can make a normal girl look like a crazy person just a mere five years later. But natural make-up--complimented by great, dewy-looking skin--will always be in.

2. The LBD--Anyone who has read a fashion magazine in the last thirty years knows that every woman should have a great little black dress in her closet. And, as long as you don't buy one that has crazy accents or shoulder pads, you can work an LBD for years after you've bought it.

3. Your Great-Great-Grandma's Cookie Jar that Makes You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy Inside--Yeah, yeah, the interior design blogs are saying that floral pigs are so "out", but you remember standing on your tip-toes in your grandma's kitchen, reaching high and tall to grab a warm oatmeal raisin cookie out of that jar, while she tells you when she was a girl, she used to do the same thing in her grandma's kitchen. So maybe you don't have a pig...but whatever that thing is that you keep on your table or wall that defies fashion but that you love? Keep it. It's awesome.

4. The Bun--Whether it's accompanied by a bouffant, big bangs, or slicked back hair, the bun is the best way to look "put together", no matter what decade you're in.

5. A Smile--The heroine chic models may have tried to convince us otherwise in the 90's, but a smile is always the best accessory.

What do you have that never goes out of style?


Amanda Nicole said...

So very true! I also think a nicely tailored, hip-length winter coat never goes out. I had a black peacoat for many years before I had to throw it out because it was coming apart in various places.

Lindsay said...


Jillian said...

I'm so happy that my bun will always be in style. Thanks be to Jeebus.

dubiousMa said...

The I.U.D.

Thank you oh Wise Goddess of All Things Plastic and T-Shaped.

The Naked Redhead said...

Hahahahaaa, the I. U. D. NICE. :)

Hannah Miet said...

I agree with all these!

Also, while natural makeup (or no makeup) never goes out of style, red lipstick will always be classic.

And a black cocktail dress. Never goes out.

Anonymous said...


I don't mean flava-flav sized bling.

I am talking about the first real piece of jewelry that you could afford, the hand me down pearls from your step-grandmother, or even the fake Chanel ring that cost $1 and lost half of its 'diamonds' and turns your finger green but is the perfect addition to any outfit (It broke in half, I miss it so much!).

With that little black dress and a meaningful accessory (or 3), you will never be out of style.

Leia Anderson said...

I pretty much love all your blogs! And I do love a good list and this one is the bee's knees!

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