Reasons I Can't Write a List Post Tonight

Posted by The Naked Redhead

There's writer's block...and then there's just plain procrastination.  I think I might have a bit of both.  Here are all the reasons I've invented this evening to not write this post.

1.  America's Next Top Model for Short People--OK, sorry Tyra, the season is a little boring this round. I, however, still root for the little shorties to do just as well as their tall counterparts.  Also, it's just enough of a good excuse to not be responsible.  I mean, WHO WILL REALLY BE ON TOP!?!?

2.  Feeding my animals marshmallows--It's probably not the healthiest, but my Fur Kids have developed quite the hankering for mini-marshmallows.  I giggle every time they line up, on their best behavior, and wait for me to drop a tasty morsel.

3.  Reading other blogs--Why write when I can read?

4.  Thinking about Halloween costumes--I have a gig on Saturday with my friend's band.  We're all dressing as zombies, 60's style!  So, all the girls are wearing black bob wigs.  The problem is, I also have a few parties to attend on Friday, too.  SO WHAT TO DO WITH THE BLACK WIG ON FRIDAY!??!  I've come up with Silver Screen goddess, Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction and...whatever ideas you all have.  :)

5.  Practicing my Toastmaster's speech...which I'm procrastinating on by writing this post.  It seems I have a problem...

How do you procrastinate?


Anne (in Reno) said...

Oh I love procrastinating via the internet! If you've got a little black bob it's always easy to go Uma Thurman but I would try for either Louise Brooks or maybe Cleopatra (that might be pushing it) just to be different - I was in college when Pulp Fiction came out and I think I have seen enough Mia Wallace outfits to last me a lifetime.

Luinae said...

I love it! "WHO WILL REALLY BE ON TOP?!?" That made me laugh.

Noelle de Novo said...

Forensics Files marathons and tumblr addiction.

Heidi Rose said...

3. Oh my gosh, I know!!

Marie said...

Of course the internet, and then there is baking. I like to bake when I have ridiculous amounts of other things to do.

Dinnie said...

Was googling for some list-making sites. After reading yours, I have many ideas! Great job, there.

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