Simple Pleasures

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This list is about the little things that make life wonderful!

  1. That Clean Feeling - Having clean, soft hair, getting into fresh clean sheets, the sense of calm that comes from a clean, tidy house, it's a wonderful thing!
  2. Healthy Eating - In particular that sense of wellbeing that comes from eating something really good for you, yet delicious at the same time!
  3. Sleep - Getting more than usual. An afternoon nap before a big night out, or a luxurious weekend lie-in!
  4. Books - Especially trashy reads with very little intellectual value - the perfect Sunday afternoon entertainment!
  5. Creating a Song and Dance - If I'm on my own, I love to sing at the top of my lungs and dance around, it's such a boost!

What are your favourite simple pleasures?


lindsey said...


Anonymous said...

I love your list! I would probably add drinking root beer floats while watching my favorite tv show, getting mail (not bills of course), and hugs from that special someone.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously thinking that you got into my head and made this very list. Love it!

Diggestive said...

I love the pictures and love your list

Heidi Rose said...

I love all of these things.
Hmn.. I love any free bit of food. Especially if I'm very hungry, and someone offers me their grapes or teddy grahams. Thank you thank you.

Reading blogs and getting comments are also simple joys to me.

Spending time with my family. I remember last Christmas, the idea of not getting any gifts was very real, and I remember being in the living room laughing with my siblings days before and thinking, "I don't even care if I don't get presents. This is what I love."

Leanne said...

I just found this blog a couple days ago... and I love it! Haha, I'm such a list person. And this one describes me so much.

maya said...

new white panties

new freshly washed linen

hair blow dried by someone else

opening the foil on a fresh glass jar of coffee

when your cat comes to where ever you are in the house, just because they wanted to check on YOU :o)

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