Things I Love That Are Not Age Appropriate

We all have a few things we love that are a bit out of our age bracket, right? (I'm looking at you, My Little Ponies). But oddly, my weaknesses tend a bit more towards the octogenarian set. Examples?

The Lawrence Welk Show
What? Yes. I'm not even being an ironic hipster here. I genuinely love this slice of Americana. Those outfits! The dancing! The group singing! I love Welk's thick Midwestern accent. I love the bubbles at the beginning of the show. I love it when the cameras pan the audience who are dressed exclusively in polyester pants suits. It's all so sweet and wholesome and, I think, genuinely entertaining.

And not just because they turn your pee pink! I love a nice beet pesto or a salad of beets and goat cheese. Root vegetables - not just for your grandma!

I love to slice it up and saute it with a bit of olive oil and heaps of garlic. And yes, I'm sure my neighbors love it when I cook this.

Again, totally not being a hipster here. I have been known to suggest the bingo halls of rural Minnesota as a first date locale and then force my date to mingle with the blue hairs while we search for B7.

I am quietly amassing quite the collection which I shamelessly attempt to match to the outfit I'm wearing. They're useful and cute!

What are your age-inappropriate loves?

Posted by Sarah Von


Anonymous said...

I also love aprons! I think it would be the best thing ever to stop carrying a purse and just start wearing half-aprons and throw all my stuff in the pockets...but I haven't built up enough nerve to wear my aprons outside of the kitchen yet.

Gene said...

I also like the Lawrence Welk show for a lot of those reasons. It also reminds me of when I was a kid in the 1970s.

I'm sure they're going to be showing some holiday episodes in the next couple months, which will be SO AWESOME.

Alexandra said...

I'd love to know how to knit!
If I did, I would make scarves, and mitts, and sweaters and hats. But I don't :(

Marie said...

I love Patrick Stewart AKA Jean Luc from Star Trek TNG and Professor X in X-Men. He is so out of my normal age range, but I love him!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Dude! Beets and cabbage are deelish! Have you tried parsnips? Roasted root vegetables are my fave!

Also I adore Antiques Roadshow and old British television on PBS like All Creatures Great And Small and Waiting For God. PBS is the bomb.

Helen said...

Hmmm beetroot and cabbage. Yum. I like baking far too much, which I suppose is getting 'hipper', but still, some people my age haven't even figured out how to turn their oven on haha. I also like watching the news a lot, which when I was growing up I always thought was just for old people haha

Enna said...

LEGOS! Ohhhh Legos! Hours of fun right there...

Vanessa said...

Oh my gosh I love Lawrence Welk, Beets, AND Bingo! In fact, my college has Bingo on Friday nights and my friends and I went once-- I won $50 to Target! Yes! We should totally hang out sometime.

Anonymous said...

I love the L.W. show too. He reminds me of my great grandfather. Hmmm. I think I might make a list like this on my blog tomorrow. I will give you the credit for such a great idea, if that is ok.
I also like wind analog way better than digital... :)

Eyeliah said...

My husband like Lawrence Welk, so I get sucked into it - he is also too young to watch that!

jezzabellegiggles said...

i love watching cartoons and spending hours at Toys R Us.. its fun!!!

Anonymous said...

beets definitely, golf on TV, date nut bread and cream cheese, Antiques Roadshow, antique shows, old black and white musicals and TV shows, Matlock, Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook, butter mints...

The Naked Redhead said...

Falling asleep right after dinner.

BAM said...

I'm too young for this:

Wearing cardigans like they are my only piece of clothing. Swear I have at least 15.

Saying "prudent" frequently

Telling friends that they should be going to bed earlier and eating a healthy breakfast.

I'm too old for this:

Playing in weekend long soccer tournements with my team (describes most holiday wkds from 10-18yrs old).

Making butt jokes.

Watching "Thats so Raven"


Anonymous said...

- glasses as pictures above
- naps
- pearl earrings
- falling asleep in front of the TV
- watching cartoons

Kalee said...

I have now amassed over 15 aprons from my grandmother and a friend of hers. I even posted a pic of me in one last night!

Wearing pearls, at least every other day. All of them are either classic, or costume....and all the costume ones came from my 83 year old grandmother or her aunt. Lovely!

Buttons! I found an old mason jar full of them while helping clean my grandmother's house (yes, noticing a pattern) and I sprung on them! Same on a box of ones I found later, and all in drawers. My mom wanted to throw them out and I looked at her wild-eyed!

Many, many more, but this could take too long.

Sometimes Somersaults said...

mmm. beets. for the young and pink at heart.

sweater clips: were they ever in? can't have too many of those.

broaches: yes i have some dandy pass-me-downs from grandmothers and great aunts. they're beautiful and underestimate.

pearls of course.

potpourri: never thought i would say this, but i have a collection of old, dried-up, decrepit roses and flowers given to me by loves and hates, dating back to 1995.

nancy said...

Um, that accent of Lawrence Welk's is definitely not Midwestern. He's not a native English speaker, so that's a pretty thick German accent there.

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