Ways in Which I Fail as a Woman! *

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* Disclaimer: Tongue firmly in cheek, I do not actually believe any of these things make me or anyone else a failure!

Nowadays, I consider myself as relatively "girly" (it wasn't always the case), however whenever anyone posts one of those lists starting with something like "things every woman should..." there are always plenty of things on the list that just don't seem to apply to me!
  1. I can't walk in heels - I'm 25 years old and I don't own a single non-chunky or over 3 inch pair of heeled shoes, and every time I so much as try some on I seem to manage to injure myself in some way!
  2. I shred tights and stockings on the first wear - usually through having long, sharp toe-nails, which probably deserves a list entry in itself.
  3. As a kid, I preferred Transformers to Barbie.
  4. I shamelessly go to work with wet hair all the time, because I'm totally lazy in the mornings! I also let my roots show for far too long.
  5. I don't read fashion magazines very often, but I read Wired every month!
  6. I'm rather partial to a pint of real ale.

... to name but a few!

How about you?


Luinae said...

I HATED Barbies- I used to hang them from my doorknob and kill them. I was certainly a unique child.

Allyson said...

1. I don't shave my legs
2. I don't tweeze my eyebrows
3. I do shave my head
4. I only wear makeup for dance performances

Cassie said...

I fail at perfume. Other women know how to do that thing where the scent floats around them in a cloud that's not too light, not too overpowering. When they walk by you, it a brief, lovely breeze of a signature scent. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS.

EJ said...

Hahaha... Cassie, you have managed to sum up something that I wasn't even aware bothered me. If anyone DOES know how they do it, please tell me.

As for failures, I hate long hair- it makes me feel sick to look at. I'm also rubbish at nail varnish- it feels heavy on my nails so I pick it off really quickly (if I haven't smudged it completely before it's dried)

Heidi Rose said...

I liked Barbies, because I like to play with them. I used my imagination and sent them on adventures. They looked more like real people than Transformers. Seriously.

I always go to school with wet hair. Haha. Who cares anyway? I mean, when does everybody shower? The night before, or what? I guess this just means I'm fresher than them.

Gene said...

Let's see here. You're a gal that likes Transformers, pints of good-tasting beer, reads Wired, and isn't obsessive about her appearance - I'd say those are manners in which you rule as a woman.

Helen said...

I would say I am a girly girl really, I love high heels and nail varnishes and was obsessed with barbies when I was growing up. However, I only wear make up once in a blue moon, also enjoy pints of real ale (one embarassing time I was out for a meal with my boyfriend and he ordered a coke and I ordered a pint of ale. When they brought it back, it was a different waitress and she automatically gave my boyfriend the ale! Way to make my boyfriend feel girly about drinking coke and me feel manly drinking ale) and I hate having my hair cut or dyed or anything.

Sydney said...

Hmm... I'm really girly about clothes and shoes, but I hardly ever wear makeup or blow dry my hair.
I spent my childhood playing with x-men action figures (I had this really cool iceman one that came with a tray you put water in and then stuck in the freezer) and stealing my brothers batmobile for them to ride around in. I also had a creepy crawler machine instead of an easy bake oven.

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