My Current Food Obsessions

As long as I can remember I've always had passing obsessions with different types of food. Usually I end up eating my favourite food of the moment so frequently (and sometimes in such vast quantities) that I get sick of it, and vow never to eat it again. But these foods are all currently in the obsession stage:
  • Pistachio nuts - I always manage to eat them all in one sitting, no matter how many I buy!
  • Baby spinach & feta dip - tastes best with water crackers & a glass of white wine
  • Cheese fondue - I just bought a fondue set the other day, which in hind sight may have been a bit dangerous...
  • Onion dip - made with reduced cream and onion soup mix of course (it's a New Zealand thing)
  • Peas in the pod - every summer I eat my weight in fresh peas from the garden, but by the next summer my craving always returns
What are your favourite foods at the minute?

Posted by Bridey


Lara said...

Ahhh, it's Springtime in the southern hemisphere! Fall in the US makes me crave date nut bread with cream cheese!

I just got put on a 30g of fat a day diet by my doctor so everything has changed for me. Lately it's been black bean burgers, pretzels, hot pickled peppers, falafel and baked sweet potato fries!

{Tara} said...

I'm completely obsessed with Miso soup lately. I have a bowl almost every least it's good for you. I could easily become addicted to caramel apples right now [if I let myself]...I have been thinking about them WAY too much!

Diggestive said...

Thai green curry
brown rice ( I can feel my bowels getting healthier)
bacon sandwiches

Lili said...

Cresh carrots & Taramosalata dip
Hot lemon juice with ginger, rum and honey
Egg salad with chopped olives

Anonymous said...

homemade dulce de leche (oh man, so easy!)
grilled cheese (forever obsessed)
fruit loops
chips and dip (they are, like, RIGHT here right now)
The cheapest champagne at the LCBO that is still packaged like a million bucks!

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