Things I Want For Christmas

Let's give ourselves over to some pure, unadulteraed consumerism and natter on about all the things we want people to buy for us, shall we?

1. Cutie Patootie Office Accessories
This paper clip bird! A fancy ink pen! A wax letter seal! And maybe, just maybe, The Best Calendar Evar?! (yes, that's the sound of shameless self-promotion that you hear.)

2. A Fancy Lady Closet
I have big plans to paint the interior of my walk in closet leaf green and stuff it with inspiring photos. But for Christmas, I think I probably need some fancy-ass wood hangers, heaps of tiny perfume bottles, glass drawer pulls and an upgrade from my white plastic laundry hamper.

3. A Vacation Somewhere Hot
I've got a $500 flight voucher burning a hole in my pocket and I've been pondering how to spend that. Savanna? The Florida Keys? San Diego? Mostly I don't care as long as it's someplace with sand and water.

4. Book Upon Books Upon Books
How about every single book that they sell at Urban Outfitters? As well as everything the hardback editions of everything ever written by Kurt Vonnegut, David Sedaris, Annie Proulx and Tim Winton?

5. A Membership to a Cheese of the Month Club
Really suprised you with that one, didn't I?

What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?
Posted by Sarah Von


Heidi Rose said...

I'm with you on the Cheese of the Month Club thing.

I'm mostly hoping for things to keep me cozy this winter- the season of waking up in the utter cold and sitting in the iceblock the car turns into while I drive to school.

-Winter hat
-Winter boots (I have NONE)
-Tea (Best if Celestial brand holiday flavors.. such as gingerbread) for the mornings
-Honey (because granulated sugar just isn't the same in tea..)
-Long underwear for sleeping in
-Snugly socks
-Long sleeved shirts

jess said...

I secretly would like a pair of footie pajamas!

Anonymous said...

Um, pretty much all of that. Let me check.

Yep, looks good.

ally said...

I'm currently obsessed with cute things to go on the counter in my kitchen, specifically these garlic keepers. Yum.

sskatherine said...

Bedford Cheese in Brooklyn has a cheese of the month club also. That place is cheese heaven.

Tom Bailey said...

That reminds me I have to get a desk calendar for my secretary. I like the concept of your blog your lists are fun to read.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

Alexandra Franzen said...

You should go to Austin, Texas! I've heard it's hip, hot and liberal. Allegedly there's a river. With inner tube rides. Pack your bikini. Go.

Alex said...

Hey! I would like to so go to one of the smaller islands on grece that would be the best christmas presdient ever!

Liz said...

Puerto Rico! We got flights for the Holidays for $400 round-trip! You'd have some money to spare :)

jezzabellegiggles said...

wouldnt mind a vacation or books..

but all i really want for xmas is a jukebox ;)

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