Weird Personal Quirks that are Probably not all that Weird

Posted by The Naked Redhead

I always think that I'm totally weird for doing certain things until someone else is like, "Oh, I do that, too!"  So, in the name of gathering a little moral support, here are a few weird quirks I have that are probably not all that weird.

1.  Keeping my food separate--This Thanksgiving was a good example of this, since my rather large family decided to do the whole meal "buffet style."  I arrange all my food on the outer edge of the plate, and I make sure that nothing touches.  I don't know why I do this--I'm perfectly fine with casseroles, so why not--but it sort of skeeves me out to have my food touch.  I also have to eat it in order, clockwise.  Again, I have no idea why this is.

2.  Toilet Paper Over--I am a firm believer that my trips to the bathroom will be enhanced by a toilet paper roll that is hanging over, not under.  I've actually been known to switch rolls in places that are not my home, which is probably a little rude.  OH WELL.

3.  Watching horrific surgeries, but not horrific horror movies--I loved TLC when it was actually, well, The Learning Channel.  I loved when they showed all the surgeries and I could sit there for hours watching a corneal transplant.  On the other hand, I HATE horror movies with all the blood and gore.  Yuck. 

4.  Labels Out--I like to arrange my food stuffs so I can see what they are.  This means that some of my cupboards look really neat, which is not my intention.  It's not necessarily anal-retentive so much as it is, "Oh hey, I'd like to know what I'm eating." 

5.  Refusing to abbreviate while texting--I KNOW it's shorter to type out "where r u?" but I just can't do it.  It hurts.

What are your weird personal quirks that are probably not all that weird?


Anonymous said...

I actually do some of those things too. Different kinds of foods MUST NOT touch eachother. It is disgusting. And yes, it does hurt to write something like that. It's just so ugly. So you see, either we are both weird or none of us are!

Sarah Von said...

Dude, I know! I *never* abbreviate while texting! Though, oddly, I will actually say things like "LOL" and "OMG" in real life. WTF? ;)

ally said...

2,4, and often 5 are my big ones. I get told that my pantry is very neat, but it's not because I just love cleaning, it's because it bothers me when I don't know which flour is which! :)

The Naked Redhead said...

Haha, sometimes I like to write out "Oh Em Gee" because I'm nerdy like that. And then people really are like, "WTF"?

Amy said...

i never abbreviate either when texting unless i write something like "b/c' or "yea i'm going w/a friend." I guess "real" abbreviations rather than "where r u?"

I DO like the toilet paper over, little annoying if it's not but not something i'd changed at someone else's house. heheh.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes... abbreviating a text message says "I don't have time to type out any REAL message for YOU." Punctuation shouldn't go out the door either.

Would you rather receive:

'miss u 2 grl c u weds'
'I'm excited for our night out! See you on Wednesday!'

Being Samiantha said...

2,3,and 4 I agree with.I too will switch the toilet paper to OVER in someone elses home.

1)When eating in restaurants/pubs etc.. I have to have my back to a wall. I cant have too many people sitting behind me. However when I'm at a concert or hockey game, its not an issue at all.

2)I can not take out my garbage, someone else has to do it. I ratehr clean the house, toilet etc, but will not touch the garbage. yes weird.

3)I dont know that this one is really weird, but I'm very particular about people touching things on my bed.

People who put feet on pillows should be shot! Thats where I put my face!!!

I only want the smells of myself, my spouse and occasionaly my closest friends who have to sleep in my bed at times.. aside from that, don't touch my bed!

Anonymous said...

I also refuse to abbreviate when I text. I even use correct punctuation. I am 19 so pretty much everyone thinks I'm strange for doing it - even my other English-language obsessed friends.

Anonymous said...

1 and 2 for sure

Anonymous said...

My cousin and I are so anal about our Thanksgiving and Christmas food touching that years ago I bought her a divider plate, and to this day she still uses it every holiday.

The Naked Redhead said...

Haha...where can I get one of those plates?

Anonymous said...

TNR, Try any kids section for those plates, or Indian stores, even a Ming Wo's, In van we see them everywhere!!! But the Kids sections is probably the best and more affordable bet.

~Being Samiantha

Noelle de Novo said...

The toilet paper thing! YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Heidi Rose said...

I'm totally with you on the text shorthand. Whenever I am able, I capitalize AND use correct spelling.

Alexandra Franzen said...

I don't care if my food touches, but I do have a weird habit of making tiny little sandwiches out of everything I eat. I've also been told that I eat approximately 4 times slower than "normal" people.

Other quirks include: 1. Obsessively sweeping my kitchen floor (I loathe crumbs) 2. Always setting my thermostat to an even number (68, 70 or 72 degrees) 3. Responding to, deleting or archiving every single e-mail I receive, to perpetually keep my inbox at "zero."

I'm a little scared of myself right now.

Anonymous said...

1. I have to use at least 6 sheets of toilet paper, doubled over several times even for simple Number 1's. I have to buy my paper in bulk at Costco because I run out so quickly.

2.I cannot sleep if my bellybutton is uncovered. Even if it's 100 degrees and the rest of me is naked and exposed.

3. If I need to floss my teeth, and don't have any floss on me, I am unable to keep my tongue still inside my mouth. I have no idea if people notice...

4.I take my glasses off before I dine.

5. Haha. I LOVE capitalizing too! LOVE IT.

(Love your blog!)
- Lili

Liz said...

I also refuse to abbreviate in my texts. Seriously, language is in danger as is. I guess I only use lol as an inside joke with my boyfriend, and maybe, just ever so often, a bc, but's that's from way back in the day!

Anonymous said...

i, too, hate abbreviations. i even include every apostrophe.

la aventurista said...

I just found your blog through NTKOG's and I do every. single. one. of these things too! I'm so glad that there are more people like this in the world :)

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