Things That Always Make Me Feel Guilty

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Some big, some small, these are the things that are pretty much guaranteed to bring out the guilt in me!
  1. Accidentally swearing in front of someones child - You know the type of thing, you're in a shop, someone bumps into you and makes you lose your footing, or you drop a fragile item you don't really intend to purchase and that wave of panic that you may have broken it comes over you and you just can't help swearing. Then you turn around to see an angry-looking mother and her giggling 4 year-old who has just learned a new "naughty" word.
  2. Taking the last piece of cake / biscuit, etc. - Particularly at work when someone has brought food in for their birthday, even if nobody else seems interested in it!
  3. Getting something someone else misses out on - Gig tickets that sell out quickly, something limited edition, if a friend really wants it but isn't quite quick enough, I always feel really bad for them.
  4. Being unable to afford the latest charity appeal - I give as much as I can, but even though I really can't afford to give any more, whenever a new cause tries to get some cash out of me and I am unable to oblige, I feel really bad about it.
  5. Accepting gifts etc. when it's not my birthday - I always feel the need to buy a gift in return to even the score!

What makes you feel guilty?


Anonymous said...

Bums on the side of the road
Basically any collection when I have nothing to give

Alexandra Franzen said...

Hmmm ... white privilege?

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