5 Things Every Woman Should Be Able To Do

*eLLa* iNsPiRed was started after being so inspired by all the amazing blogs I was reading everyday. I'm a 23 year old creative therapies student who happens to be one of if not the biggest Gilmore Girls Fan ever with a serious chocolate addiction.

1. Replace a light bulb – so you will never again be in darkness at the worse possible moment.
2. Own a tool box – and be able to name and use its entire contents.
3. Learn how to make a fire – have a barbeque and pool party with your girlfriends and make the fire and cook the food yourselves.
4. Change a tire – in heels so the next time you get a flat you can very gracefully deal with it.
5. Get rid of a creepy crawly – like the dreaded spider, eeewww, by yourself. Whether it be by being armed with a can of Doom to spray it with poison or stepping on it with your stiletto.

What do you think a woman should know how to do?

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RazorCandy said...

I'm golden on the first three, and am sure I'll be able to change a tire just as soon as I care enough to learn how to drive...

But I'm not gonna lie, I have made toddlers kill spiders for me.

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