Things People Want You To Bring To Their Party

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Party season is upon us, and instead of being the eighteenth person in a row to being a bag of potato chips, why not bring something different? Especially things that yout host(ess) will love you for bringing.

1. A Party Trick
The perfect way to liven things up, like breakdancing, making coins dissapear, etc. Plus you look totally cool when you know how to do a party trick.

2. New Music
Because you can only listen "I Got a Feeling" so many times before you just lose it.

3. A Great Attitude
I am begging you: DO NOT be the guest who sits in the corner, complains about things, and gossips about all the other guests. Loosen up and have fun, and the host(ess) will love you for it!

4. Food
Everyone loves food. Especially homemade food.

5. A good looking guy friend
Sure you might not ever dream of dating him, but that doesn't mean your friends will.

What do you bring to the party?


Anne (in Reno) said...

I am having my holiday party Friday night, I can only hope my guests show up with some of these items (particularly the good attitudes and the homemade goodies).

nifer said...

I'm usually the girl with the wine... even if other people bring some, you can never have too much wine, and hosts never mind left-overs.

{Tara} said...

Good ideas...minus the music one. I will lose it if someone tries to change my music..of course, I spend an entire day making a playlist, so maybe I'm the neurotic one here. Extra drinks and snacks always help out the host/hostess.

RazorCandy said...

I would shit myself if someone tried to change my tunes on me. I am awkwardly controlling when it comes to music, probably because I put way too much thought into my playlists.

That said, I'll never be over my love for I Gotta Feeling.

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