Everyday Things I'm Really Bad At

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  1. Poaching Eggs - No amount of vinegar, stirring the water really fast or any other tricks can help me, I can't poach eggs without a dedicated egg poacher. They always turn into an over / undercooked stringy mess.
  2. Waking Up - I'm really not a morning person, no matter how much I try and train myself to be or how many hours of sleep I get the night before. I'm beginning to think my brain simply doesn't work before 12.
  3. Ironing Clothes - I always seem to manage to iron in more and bigger creases than were there when I started.
  4. Grocery Shopping - I almost always forget something and come home with four or five impulse-purchases I don't need instead.
  5. Timekeeping - I'm always either horrendously early (so I get bored) or "fashionably" late. I barely ever get somewhere precisely on time!

What everyday skills elude you?


Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm awful at waking up. I actually have to set 3 alarms. lol. I can't wrap presents either. I have an engineering degree but can't wrap a present.

Eyeliah said...

ironing yes! I can't even buy cotton collared blouses :-(

The Naked Redhead said...

I am with you...TOTALLY bad at waking up.

Literary Crap said...

I'm awful at parking a car. I am that jerk that parks my car 2 mm away from the car next to it. Don't even ask me to parallel park. It just won't end well!

Law Girl said...

I cannot work the electric can opener. Its embarrassing. I'm fine with the old fashioned manual one but I cannot use an electric one for the life of me!

Heidi Rose said...

lol to Waking up.

Aury said...

Fail at waking up on time and going to sleep on time for that matter. I'll tell myself to sleep by 1 am and before i know it, its 3. Such a fail :P

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