Things I've never done but should have

Intrepid young women, such as our very own Ms. Von and That Kind of Girl, have incited a revolution of Doing New Things. But I recently realized that there are quite a few things I've never done for which there is no excuse.

Sledding—After living for five years in Chicagoland area? And two snow storms this season covering the giant hill in my backyard in North Carolina? I am shamed.

Eating at an Indian restaurant—In high school, I was one of three white girls at an all-Indian graduation party that featured incredible, authentic homemade Indian food. Now, I live just a few miles from a supposedly fabulous Indian restaurant, but I've never gone. What a waste!

Visiting a North Carolina beach—I've lived in this state for four years. And I love the beach! Tut, tut.

Camping—Okay, I've technically been camping three times, but they were all at lame campsites. We have a three-season tent and cozy sleeping bags and nearby access to awesome wilderness, but I have yet to camp at a "primitive" site, read: no potties, no nearby RVs, etc. But I want to!

Seeing the UNCSA's annual Nutcracker performance—I love The Nutcracker. My friend Costume Diva's parents both teach there. Sigh.

Meeting David Sedaris—I was there, and I was so close, but so far. Read about that tragedy here and here.

What about you guys? Any ridiculous things you should've done but haven't?


Anonymous said...

Camping? Really?
My biggest "Should Have Done That" items:
Not talking to Willie Nelson
Many concerts
Sticking with my business degree instead of getting a minor

#1Nana said...

Flew to Austin, Texas last year to attend a reading by David Sedaris and didn't go to the meet and greet. He is my favorite author. You've inspired me. He's reading in Austin again this year and my daughter and I are going again...this time I will talk to him. Is this considered stalking?
...and then I'll write about him in my blog:

Allie said...

I have been in love with David Sedaris since I was 13.

I can't even write anymore because I'm getting emotional. How sad...

Amy said...

never eaten at an indian restaurant aka you've only eaten indian food once?

and you live in america? hmmm. and in chicago it seems? hmmm. a little bit isolated or something?

Miss L said...

Should have started college right after high school not screwed around..
And gone skydiving...

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