Ladies I'd invite to my tea party

Ever since I recieved a lovely, hand-painted French tea set for a wedding gift, I've dreamed of hosting a tea party. Only this one wouldn't be stuffy. However, it would still feature finger sandwiches. Of the top of my head, here's who I'd invite:

Helene Cixous — The feminst theorist who wrote this: "The future must no nonger be determined by the past. I do not deny that the effects of the past are still with us. But I refuse to strengthen them by repeating them, to confer upon them an irremovability the equivalent of destiny, to confuse the biological and the cultural."

Eleanor Roosevelt — The first lady who said this: "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

Harriet Tubman — The "Moses" of the Underground Railroad. Not only did this woman have the guts to escape slavery, she went back into enemy territory numerous times to lead others to freedom.

Susan B. Anthony — The once self-conscious woman who worked up the nerve to say this in 1859: "Where, under our Declaration of Independence, does the Saxon man get his power to deprive all women and Negroes of their inalienable rights?"

So, who would you like to have a cup of tea with?


Chrissy said...

Those are very admirable women u have there... But for me I would invite my Grandmother... She was very special to me.. I think of her everyday... she and I had a connection that was amazing....I could talk to her about anything and everything....she understood me...

The Naked Redhead said...

Tina Fey, Fanny Brice--funny ladies who don't/didn't apologize for who they are/were.

Rachel said...

Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf--mostly I would just sit there silently and listen to their conversation, which I imagine would be awesome.

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Mine sounds so bad compared to these, but I would totally have Lady Gaga ;] It would be quite a scandalous and fashionable tea party!

Holly Renee said...

These are all amazing woman. I would like to have tea with Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Albert Einstein. What a nice bunch. Nice post!
-Holly Renee

Erin said...

All fantastic. I knew your suggestions would turn up other brilliant people I didn't think of. And Heather, I don't think Lady Gaga sounds ridiculous. I actually saw part of an interview with her once, and she was *incredibly* well-spoken and very much an advocate for valuing yourself and your talents—but not in a douchey way.

I am Danielle and you are? said...

Which ladies would I invite to a tea party? Hmm...that is tough. I would say I would invite Debbie Harry from Blondie, Joan Jett, Joyce Carol Oates, Marie Antoinette, and Margaret Thatcher.


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