As a bit of an "alternative" girl in my teens, the second I moved out of my parents' house I started experimenting with my hair in a big way. I took inspiration from all over, but here are a few of my main sources from films and TV:

1. Angela Chase of My So Called Life - I think Angela is probably the reason I still have red hair, though I didn't realise it at the time I dyed it!

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2. Sooz from the UK version of As If - I loved that show, and I totally adored Sooz' style!

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3. Lola of Run Lola Run - Franka Potente is one of my favourite actresses, and Lola is definitely my favourite of all her characters.

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Who is your "hairspiration"?


Literary Crap said...

I definitely have the same haircut as the lead singer from Paramore. Before that, I rocked Nicole Richie's bob!

Eyeliah said...

Also Milla in The Fifth Element.

Melanie's Randomness said...

I've always wanted to do something like Lola or Milla in the fifth element. I wish I didn't have a job where I met clients. I want to do something funky with my hair so bad!!!

RazorCandy said...

All I wanted at the age of 17-18 was to look like season-one Veronica Mars.

Noelle de Novo said...

Shakira in the "Underneath Your Clothes" or "She Wolf" videos. Big. Long. Tousled. GIMMIE.

Like so:

Katie said...

I'm thinking about copying Rashida Jones' latest haircut - cute little uneven bob. I've had something like it before and I think this could work!

Milly said...

Angela had the best hair!

perfumeorpoison said...

Kinda embarassed to say this but.. Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in Friends. I adored her hair.
However my hair is much longer now so I wear it differently every time, I experiment with it :)

Generic Cialis said...

I like Sooz's hair too and that show was pretty cool. In my case my hair is inspired in mainly all Heavy Metal musicians out there... except for glam metal bands of course.

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