Crafts I want to undertake despite my history of screw-ups

Lately I've been on a DIY bent. And only partially because I quit my job and am 50% poorer than I was last month. I've been redoing our spare room and making it into a home office/creative space (that sounds really pretentious, doesn't it? crap...) but there are a number of other crafty things I want to make, and I can't really say why. Especially since most of my projects end in disaster. Nevertheless:

A sunburst mirror—So 70s, such a fun combo of sharp edges and curvy circles. But I don't want to pay the big bucks for one, since they're back in vogue.

A terrarium—I've been seeing these around on design sites and etsy lately. Guys, until I started reading up on them and paying attention, I didn't even know my yard had moss for the picking!

A chicken coop—I'm not particularly fond of chickens (there's something decidedly un-cuddly about birds, plus I had a bad experience with a lovebird once) but my friend Dan has been raising them (incidentally, they seem to be plotting against him...again with the untrustworthiness) and I've been inspired to build an amazing coop and enjoy fresh eggs. Plus, their poop is a great fertilizer!

A cake stand (or two)—Twasn't till adulthood that I came to appreciate the delectability of sugar and flower covered in sugar and butter. Since cakes/cupcakes have become a staple, I do a disservice by eating them right out of the pan instead of selecting a morsel from a lovely cake stand.

Custom matching covers for all my hundreds of books

What about you? Feel like making anything?


That Kind of Girl said...

There's a dirt-cheap tutorial for sunburst mirrors on Instructables. I made one for The Ex and it came out SUPER CUTE, and cost less than $10! And I am all thumbs when it comes to crafting, so that's saying something...

#1Nana said...

Fresh eggs are over-rated...but I think more cake is a good idea!

The Naked Redhead said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to do a terrarium, but alas, I know I'm mostly want to do it just to go shopping for all the stuff in the beginning. I'd spend a lot of money and it'd all just sit there for months until I threw it away.

Anonymous said...

My focus lately is on redesigning my home office. I need more storage, so I've been thinking about building new bookshelves plus some cute covered boxes so I won't be so self conscious about leaving all my crap out in the open. I also like the idea of a huge cork board... maybe even a cork board wall.

Lili said...

I am loving your blog ever since my GoogleReader recommended it to me but I think this list speaks to me the loudest. My mom calls me "The Queen of Forgotten Projects".

Anonymous said...

I want to knit! and crochet and embroider. I wish I could sew my own clothes and do something with the garden.

Isisingonthecake said...

i'm starting a quilt!!!!!! :)

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