So Bad It's Good--Movie Edition

The Boyfriend and I really enjoy watching terrible movies.  And by "terrible" I mean, completely ridiculous, laughable, and usually insulting to one's intelligence.  Also, fantastic.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Steven Seagal in URBAN JUSTICE! (must be said with RAISED FIST!)--Did you all know that Steven Seagal writes, produces, directs and stars in his own movies?  Like two or three a year?  And they're all completely and utterly horrible (but awesome)?  In this movie, Steven Seagal and Eddie Griffin are doing something the ghetto.  I'm not real sure what exactly they're doing, but Steven does his best to be a hard-ass and offend every cultural group in existence. The problem is, he's so bad at being offensive, that it just ends up being hilarious.  Yay for Steven Seagal movie nights!

Hot Rod--Andy Samberg's Evil Knieval like movie is a mish-mash of weird humor ("cool beans!") 80's forest-dance-fight sequences, and Samberg's trademark WTF-is-happening? moments.  Loved every minute.

The Brothers Solomon--Will Forte and Will Arnett make up the Brothers Solomon, and they're the biggest idiots you can possibly imagine.  They decide to fulfill their father's dying wish to have grandchildren, well, with having children.  Did I mention they're idiots?  Such bad/goodness.

Yor, Hunter from the Future--Here's the line from the poster:  "He is from a future world, trapped in prehistoric times, searching for his past."  Poor guy!  Must be rough.  Yes, it's one of those half-prehistoric, half-futuristic crazy movies from the 80's that features terrible dialogue, laughable special effects, and of course, lots and lots of gratuitous nudity.  Awesome.

Any movie from our childhoods that we'd watch on endless loop (hello, Karate Kid!)

What are your favorite So Bad It's Good Movies?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Chrissy said...

How about Rambo? my ex bf always would look for that movie on cable.... btw never heard of any of the ones u

perfumeorpoison said...

You don't mess with the Zohan, definetly :D I usually don't like american humour as I don't find it .. um, intelligent (I prefer British humour), but this one had me rolling on the floor laughing :)

Ashley+Brittany said...

Is it bad that upon reading a description of Yor, I felt immediately that I must see it?


The Naked Redhead said...

Oh yes, Rambo! I did see Zohan, but couldn't get into it (and yes, Brits definitely have a very highbrow sense of humor...loves it!). And yes, you MUST see Yor. Watch it as part of a party/movie night. Fantastic.

Marie said...

Bring it On. I love it. I sit and watch it every time it's on TV. And the sequels. I am even more ashamed for watching those.

RMb said...

"the blood of your enemies makes you stronger". i hate to admit this, but my husband actually owns yor: hunter from the future. and i've seen it.


one of my favorite so-bad-it's-awesome movies is spiceworld. girl power! yes!

Josie said...

My favorite so bad it's awesome movie:
Army of Darkness
Bubba Ho Tep

That Yor movie looks pretty spectacular. Kinda like Conan the Barbarian, but not.

stephanie said...

omg LOVE army of darkness. for movies on a loop - the princess bride, the goonies, gremlins...

NCM said...

Party Monster and Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love.
The latter is pure cheese, but also boasts one of the sexiest casts of all time: Naveen Andrews, Indira Varma and Sarita Choudhury.

Anonymous said...

Red Sonja! I actually made my bf watch that last weekend (his first, my 182nd). Brigitte Nielsen AND Arnold Schwarzenegger? How can it be bad (don't worry, it is, it is very bad in such a wonderful way).

Heidi Rose said...

So awesome. Well, I can only think of 'Sasquatch Hunters'. A bunch of guys in hairy black obviously-costumes sneaky up on people in the woods. Excellent.

Nicola said...

Hot Rod, absolutely! Hackers fits the bill so perfectly that I can't even think of another!

K-Tee said...

one that i can't wait to add to the list is hot tub time machine. it looks EPIC!

Anonymous said...

Plan 9 From Outer Space. Arguably the worst movie ever made, and yet I love it. You can actually see the STRING holding up the flying saucers!

Amber said...

Gotta go with Waterworld. It was pretty god awful yet quotable. If you could stand to watch it more than once that is. Oh, and don't forget UHF. So classically bad.

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