Stuff I'd Like to be Better at...Starting Tomorrow

I recently posted on my blog that I'm now that certain age where I'm pretty good at a few things, but still pretty bad at others.  Here are five more things I'd like to be better at...starting tomorrow:

1.  Walking my dog--The dog and I are super good at walks when it's lovely out, but when it's raining?  Or cold?  Well, we just sit inside, and then one walkless day passes, then two...then all of a sudden, he's a crazy-pants animal and does weird OCD things like walking around the house and opening and shutting all the doors with his nose.  So yeah, I'd like to be better at walking the dog every day.

2.  Getting rid of things I have a feigned sentimental attachement to--Really?  I really NEED to keep those pants because I used to love cargo pants and because I used to love them, I should love them still?  And they're somehow important to my life?  No, TNR, no.  Just donate the suckers already.

3.  Losing touch with people--Yeah, there's Facebook, but I don't spend enough actual time with people who aren't in my immediate circle of friends.  For shame.  I really MISS my old co-workers, but for some reason, I don't ever make an effort to re-connect as much as I should.

4.  Ignoring problems in the hope that they'll just go away--Well, this never works, does it.  Crap.

5.  Moving on from an unhealthy food choice--All the experts say that if you eat something you shouldn't, just forget about it and continue to eat healthily the rest of the day.  But no...I get it into my head, "Well, I ate ONE donut, and that ruins EVERYTHING, so I should just have icecream."  I'm definitely getting better at this one, but that doesn't mean that there aren't days when the only green thing I'll eat happens to be a piece of candy.

What would you like to be better at?  (<--Besides not ending sentences with prepositions?)
Posted by The Naked Redhead


Chrissy said...

I would like to be able to have the guts to do more things on my own- like travel... for me traveling w/someone is much more fun... Most of my friends are married or involved and that makes it a bit hard.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Funny you should have mentioned the things you did.
I blogged about throwing out all my wedding magazines.
I wish I was better at getting my work done before I have fun on the computer.

Law Girl said...

Working out. I haven't worked out since about October. I really need to get into a schedule and stick to it!

Cleaning. I hate to clean. Hate hate hate it. And so I don't do enough of it. Unfortunately my fiance also hates to clean. So our house is often messy.

Jen said...

I would like to be better at eating better (how's that for a professional sentence?). I'd like to be better at exercising every day -- I have become better at walking the dog, or at least taking him outside, every day, even in the rain (he hates it). I want to be better at decorating my house so it feels welcoming but not cluttered and random. And, mostly, I want to be better at being me and following my dreams.

Edith said...

I am a professional at ignoring problems in hopes that they go away. Shamefully enough.

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