Top 5 Ugly Sexy People

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Few things fascinate me like unconventional beauty, especially in celebrities. If you ask me, people who rock traditionally less attractive features—perhaps a bump on the nose, a crooked smile or unruly hair—are so much sexier and more interesting to look at. Would you like to see who tops my ugly sexy celebrity list?

1. Sarah Jessica Parker
Maxim magazine (gross) was crazy, not to mention unnecessarily mean, to vote Sarah Jessica Parker as the unsexiest woman alive in 2007. Sure, SJP’s facial features are a little on the equine side, but she seems completely comfortable with herself, and it’s a look that suits her. Also, I covet her hair.

2. Adrien Brody
Ooooh! Adrien Brody is just my type. I like nothing better than a slightly waifish, sharp-featured man. In fact, I can’t even find one unattractive thing about The Pianist. What can I say? I think he’s The Hotness.

3. Bjork
Okay, so Bjork may be more kooky sexy than ugly sexy, but she definitely has an unconventional look and a unique, fabulous style. The result? 100 percent cuteness.

4. Steve Buscemi
I absolutely would have dated Steve Buscemi as awkward, sad Seymour in Ghost World. Plus, as Mr. Pink, he gets ugly sexy points for sheer bad-assery.

5. Alan Rickman
Oh, Snape. His dour expression, his furrowed brow and his Trent Reznor-like hair are nothing short of charming.

What do you think? Do you see unlikely beauty here, or is ugly sexy just an oxymoron? Tell me in the comments.


Noelle de Novo said...

Alan Rickman?! One of these things is not like the other.

Dominic West. If you Google image him, he swings wildly between awkward and panty-melting.

Anisha said...

Yes, Alan Rickman indeed!

What about Colin Firth?

NatalieCottrell said...

I lust after Adrien Brody on the regular. He's totally my type as well, and I don't care what anyone says. He's delish! :)

Jen said...

I totally agree with you on SJP! She's gorgeous!

Jen said...

What about Julia Roberts?

KittenMittens said...

I'm with you on Rickman, ever since Dogma. hawtness.

I also think the crazy weirdo nerd Sheldon on Big Bang Theory is hot. I dunno why. Maybe it's cuz he's an ass.

Raggedy Sarah said...

Yes to Adrien Brody! He has the most expressive hands. Makes you wonder what he does with them...

I also find Michael Emerson (Ben from Lost) super sexy.

Jessica said...

I'm new here! Loving all!

Hugh Laurie, Johnny Galecki and David Schwimmer... HOT HOT HOT!

TudorCity Girl said...

Hahaha! So true. They really are.

Too brain dead to think of another right now...

Alexandra said...

Yeah, SJP is very weird looking.
I like her though, I think even if a woman doesn't have the most godess-like features, she can still be very beautiful and compensate with her style and "bon gout".
However, I can't forget what Jeremy Clarkson once said during a Top Gear episode: "SJP looks like a boiled horse". That was HILARIOUS! You should YouTube it. The way he says it is priceless.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Adrien Brody and Alan Rickman! My friends always laugh at me when I say I think either of them are attractive. Also, I don't know why, but I think Benicio del Toro is so sexy. He's so weird-looking, but he does it for me. I love this list, I'm inspired to go write my own now!

And KittenMittens? I'm with you on Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

That Kind Of Girl said...

Oh man, I'm so with you about Adrien Brody, Steve Buscemi and Alan Rickman. But Adrien Brody isn't ugly-sexy, is he? I thought he was regarded by most as just plain ol' sexy-sexy. If not, then I weep for the world at large and their terrible taste in male sex symbols!

Mila said...

Big YES @ Professor Snape!!!

Amber said...

I too agree about Mr's Rickman & Brody.

I would like to submit Sean Penn to this list. Don't think he's very attractive but I dunno, something about him is sexy as hell.

Anonymous said...

Alan Rickman could say anything at all to me in THAT VOICE of his and I'd be naked in a nanosecond.

Karolina aka KJTR said...

There is nothing ugly in AR's sexiness! (Ok, now he's kinda old - but still ... he's the ultimate col Brandon)

Anonymous said...

Dave Grohl short hair version...
Something about him is sexy as hell - maybe because he's a rockstar ;)

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