Weird Things I've Been Known To Eat For Breakfast

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On a normal weekday I'll eat breakfast at my desk, and usually it's the sensible combination of a cereal bar and a piece of fruit. When I've run out of these however, and particularly at weekends, I've been known to eat all manner of strange things in the morning!
  1. Ice cream with breakfast cereal sprinkled over it because I ran out of milk. It works really well with an over-sweetened cereal of the type usually marketed to kids!
  2. Fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes on rice, again really tasty!
  3. Half a large bag of Haribo Tangfastics - This was a bit of a desperate "there really is nothing left to eat in the house and I need to eat something before shopping for more food" one, I didn't stay full for long!
  4. Strawberry flavour jelly (jell-o) pots.
  5. Leftover Chinese food with a poached egg on top - a really yummy combination!
  6. Cupcakes! The bloggers' breakfast? It works anyway!

What unusual meals have you indulged in when you've run out of "sensible" options?


That Kind of Girl said...

Ooooh, leftover Chinese with a poached egg sounds like heaven! My standard cereal is Kashi with light vanilla soy milk; if I ran out, I'll wait 'til I get to the office and toast an English muffin. Unless, of course, there's some sort of ice cream or baked good in the house -- in which case, that immediately becomes breakfast.

This is why, of course, I can't actually keep ice cream or baked goods in the house. Sigh.

Oh, and sometimes I'll cook food in my slowcooker over night so I have lunch and dinner taken care of. If so, I'll have a bowl of whatever for breakfast too. 'cause obviously vegan chili is a breakfast food...

Melanie's Randomness said...

Left over Moo Shoo Pork!! It just called to me! hehe.

Marie said...

I am a big proponent of cupcakes for breakfast. I have determined that my red velvet cupcakes have almost the same ingredients as my buttermilk waffles, and therefore are just red waffles, and the frosting is really no worse than syrup.

RMb said...

cold pizza is always wonderful for breakfast. other super non-healthy things include a handful of m&ms, potatoe chips & ice cream sandwhiches (not all in the same day, though).

Anonymous said...

I eat pickles. I am a die hard pickle fan! I love eating cupcakes for breakfast, too.

Noelle de Novo said...

Well, I once followed up a "normal" breakfast sandwich with cookie dough because the sandwich made me nauseated and I instinctively knew the dough would make me feel better.

(This also goes on my list of Total Liz Lemon Moments.)

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