5 Items I'd Save in a Disaster

While 2012 was quite possibly one of the worst movies I've seen in awhile, it did get me thinking about what items I'd like to have with me should I suddenly be faced with the terrible misfortune of the whole world being destroyed by a rapidly heating core.  Here are the things I'd shove in my backpack:

1.  My animals--One of my cats would be super resourceful in the event of the earth cracking to bits.  But the other two?  Well, one would be swallowed up while waiting by his food bowl, while the other would cuddle close to the lava spewing from the ground because it's warmer there. 

2.  My old baby blanket--Yes, I still have it.  It's kept away in a box with a few other childhood keepsakes, but I'd dig it out because a) it's really soft and warm and b) it could be used as clothing if necessary and c) I'll need something to calm me down after the earth is destroyed.

3.  A pair of sensible shoes--If there's one thing you can count on when the world is blow to bits by itself, it's that there will definitely be uneven terrain.  Cute spectator heels will not do in this situation. 

4.  My great-great-great Grandmother's pig cookie jar--What...it's been in the family for generations, and my grandmother gave it to me because she knew I'd take care of it.  And, if I'm lucky, it'll actually have cookies in it, which I can sell at exorbitant prices or trade for other goods like socks to wear with my sensible shoes.

5.  A notebook and pen--I'm pretty sure laptops and phones won't work, so I'd blog using paper and pen.  One copy...and then my readers could pass it around.  Links will take awhile to load...sorry.

What 5 items would you save in a disaster?
Posted by The Naked Redhead


Melanie's Randomness said...

my lil box of mad money I keep & my cell-phone. Definitely a good pair of shoes, that would suck if you were wearing heels!!!

That Kind Of Girl said...

The thing I know for sure is that the second I caught breath of a disaster, I'd fill my tub with water so I had a decent potable supply. Learned that trick from The Road; if I live to be 150 (god I hope not!), I'll never forget it.

The most important thing I'd save is my stuffed elephant, Nichka. I'd be too unhappy to survive without her.

I'd also grab hard copies of as much of my writing as I have around, and as many notebooks and pens as I could carry, 'cause paper would eventually be in short supply. Plus, if I keep a diary, I totally have a shot of being the Anne Frank of the dang apocalype.

Oh whatever. Don't front like you were never the teensiest bit jealous that she lucked into literary immortality.

K said...


Wicked Shawn said...

Clearly, I am keeping my Jimmy Choos, just one pair, if you girls are wearing the sensible shoes, I will be the one responsible for repopulating this damn place!

Secret stash of Kizito's Cookies. www.kizito.com Preferably of the Gingersnap variety, because, well, you just have to know, to know.

Paper and pens, obvious reasons.

My books.

While that is only four things, my books take up enough space, you will claim I saved about eleven.

Judith said...

*whispers* I also still have my babyblanket :)*/whispers* Definitely the cat, allthough she won't be much use also, and my Terry Pratchett books, gotta have some humour around when the world ends.

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