Lists I've Made in the Last Week (A List of Lists)

I just moved this last week, and despite feeling like my back would break at any second, or that I couldn't possibly get any sweatier or smellier, I've survived.  However, I had no interwebz for over five days, so I'm running behind on...everything.  No matter, here are a few lists I made this week to get through the move:

1.  List of Things I'd Need at the Store--Boxes, packing tape, scrub brush, bleach.
2.  List of Utilities to Cancel--Cable, electric, gas.
3.  List of Things to Do, by day--Friday, Rent Truck.  Saturday, Pick up Truck, Load Heavy Items.  Sunday, Buy Primer and Paint Supplies.
4.  List of Things that Turned up Missing, but Dammit, I Really Need to Find--TV Remote, Computer Cords, My Sanity.
5.  List of Stuff in This Box That Didn't Go in Any Other Box--Sticky Notes, Sharpies, Odd Screws, Two Pair of Scissors, Cup of Pennies, Gum.

Have you moved lately?  What are your moving musts?

Posted by The Naked Redhead

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Chrissy said...

List of stuff to throw out AND not make the mistake of packing and taking to the new house

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