Not-so-alternative Alternative Remedies

If there's one thing I took from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it was the use of Windex as a universal remedy for all ailments be they physical, emotional or spiritual. Lately I realize that I've got some peccadilloes when it comes to "alternative" remedies for things. Forthwith, my confession list.

Vaseline. Every time I pop open the lid of my off-brand petroleum jelly, I think of the dinosaurs and their sacrifice. But man does that stuff heal chapped lips! And super dry skin. And minor abrasions like paper cuts.

Benadryl. Yeah so this works for allergies, but after being given Benadryl by a nurse while I was in labor and nearly falling asleep between pushes, I realized this is an excellent remedy for sleeplessness.

Baking soda. Whenever any fabric smells funky or stale, which in a house of three animals and a toddler fabrics are wont to do, I sprinkle it with baking soda with full confidence that the stuff with soak up the stink.
Does it work? Questionable. Do I continue to believe? Yes.

Hot bubble baths. For all emotional troubles.

The Office on DVD. As a teenager I'd turn to Winona Ryder and Little Women for simultaneous entertainment and the occasional good cry. As an adult, The Office frequently provides both in smaller doses: Plenty of funny, and a few touching moments sprinkled in here and there. Little Women is still on standby when I have time.

What are your tried and true "alternative" remedies?


The Naked Redhead said...

I've been loving the Castor Oil lately for EVERYTHING. I combine it with olive oil to clean my face (really), and I've been putting it cold sores when I get literally speeds the healing time by 1/2. Loves it!

That Kind of Girl said...

I love this! I use baking soda for everything. it really does cut down on funky odors! I keep like an inch of it at the bottom of my kitchen trash can, and periodically scrub all my kitchen surfaces with some to de-garlic them.

NatalieCottrell said...

Vaseline is totally my version of the Windex-fix-all. It is also a cheap way to condition one's eyelashes so they grow long and pretty. Just dab a little on before bed.

Anonymous said...

Hydrogen Peroxide will get a stain our of any fabric!

Anonymous said...

Vinegar! It can help clean glass or coffee pots (or a million other kitchen items). And if my dog has an accident, spraying a water/vinegar mixture on that spot is supposed to keep her from using the spot again.

Here's a huge list of other vinegar uses:

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