Things That I Could Never Put A Price On

Our guest poster is married, considers herself kind of ridiculous, and blogs at The Bees and Their Knees.

1. My dogs, Sake and Mollie.
They drive me insane sometimes, especially after a long day at work and they're crazy and running around and tripping over each other to tell me how their day was. But then I realize how happy they are. To see ME. That's something.

2. Hugs from my youngest brother.
He's 14 years younger than me. So he's almost 16. And wayyyy too cool for school. But for some crazy reason, he calls ME and comes to ME for advice. I will never, ever not be thankful for that. And when I get to visit him (my family lives a couple of hours away), I cherish the hugs that he still gives me. Because the hugs remind me of when he was younger and liked to cuddle. Now he's a good foot taller than me AND stronger. It makes for some awkward-but-still-awesome hugs.

3. Finishing a run.
I'm in a training program (a couch-to-10-mile program, to give you an idea of how slow I am), and each week we increase, little by little, the amount of time that we run. Every time I finish a little more, I'm so, so grateful. Like, grateful and happy enough to make me cry. Because I'm never sure that I can finish it, and when I do, I'm SO proud of myself.

4. A good laugh.
I love laughing. I do it a lot. But you know those laughs that just bubble up inside of you and make your whole body feel alive and amazing? I LOVE those laughs.

5. Ice cream.
This is probably my favorite dessert ever. I usually go for plain chocolate, but do like stuff mixed in sometimes. But ice cream can fix a bad mood ANYDAY.

6. Last, but most definitely not least: my amazing husband.
He puts up with me, he listens to me, he tries hard ALL THE TIME. I'm incredibly blessed. (Oh, and he's the cause of most of my laughter, so we really do make a great match.)

What is priceless to you?


Melanie's Randomness said...

Ice cream...yeah definitely.

Chrissy said...

how about principles?, integrity, honesty

Anonymous said...

I could never put a price on that feeling I get when you are around a campfire with your dear friends and your face is so warm, but your back is so cold. Someone might have a guitar. Someone might be laughing and telling an old story. Everyone has joy on their face. I could never put a price on that moment.

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