Little Victories that Can Make You Proud of Yourself

When I cut out pig, cow and bird from my diet last October, it prompted a gradual, but profound change in my attitude toward food, my diet and fitness.  Probably the biggest thing I've learned is that when it comes to caring for and demanding the best from your body, take everything one moment at a time.  Here's a few small victories I've learned to congratulate myself on over the past few months.

1.  Saying no to the office "treat"--At my work, there's a running joke that newbies gain a "freshman fifteen" during their first few months here.  It'd be hard not to, what with free breakfasts, cookies, birthday's and celebrations happening at least twice a week (seriously, it's ridiculous).  Sometimes it's easy in these situations to say to yourself, "Just one won't hurt," or, "It's her birthday!  I have to celebrate!"  I've found, however, that saying no even just every other time there's a treat is a small victory.  EAT THAT, DELICIOUS BIRTHDAY CAKE!

2.  Getting right back on the wagon after you fall off--I've learned that no day is "ruined" by one bad choice (though I'd argue that donuts are ALWAYS a good choice).  What I've learned to do instead is see that poor choice for what it is (maybe I was PMS-ing, or maybe I needed a little indulgence, or hell, maybe I just wasn't paying attention) and then I pretend it never happened.  I go about my day as if I had eaten healthy the whole time.  Believe me, this is a much better choice than what I used to do...which is say, "SCREW IT!  THIS DAY IS OVER.  I'M HAVING ICE CREAM.  TWICE.  AND BEER."

3.  "Just five minutes"--Sometimes I spend the last hour at work arguing with myself about my workout.  "But I'm soooo tired!" I'll whine, to which I'll reply, "But your thighs are really jiggly!"  If I'm really in a sour mood about it, I bargain with myself:  "Just five minutes and then you can stop."  Well!  If that isn't the best little trick I've learned!  Half the battle is just forcing myself to get my workout gear on and get moving.  And once I'm moving, well hell, why don't I make five minutes into ten or twenty?

So!  What are some of your little victories that make you proud of yourself?  (They don't have to just be about your health!  Like, sometimes I just congratulate myself for remembering to turn my library books in on time.)

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I work next to a Taco Bell. I know it's brutal. I didn't think about it when I chose to work in this office but everyday that I don't go to Taco bell I pat myself on the shoulder! =)

#1Nana said...

I was thinking about this very topic yesterday! My two-year-old granddaughter is positively reinforced constantly. When was the last time anyone applauded you for taking a bathroom break? I like to celebrate those fleeting moments when the laundry hamper is empty and everything is clean and folded...but probably not put away.

Jen said...

You should post this on LiLu's blog community In It to Gym It. These tips would be so helpful for everyone on that blog!

Kylee said...

I am on a no carb diet for my Hawaiian vacation, this post helped me in a moment of weakness, instead of the delicious donuts taunting me i grabbed a sugar free jello, because its the same as a donut right?!

I feel victorious- 5 days no carbs. I feel like ive just won the biggest loser.

Los Schoenys said...

I love the 5 minute trick! I do something similar when it comes to running. On days when I just can't seem to get myself moving, I tell myself I'll just run 2 miles. Well, the first mile is generally hell but by the second mile, I'm finally warmed up. Once I hit 2 miles, I can turn on the cruise control and pound out 2, maybe 3 more! And you figure, you're already out and about, might as well make the run worth it!

Aury said...

These tips are AWESOME! Most of them can be applied to other things we'd like to do that are good for us but we don't feel like doing :)

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