28 before 28

 Me and my nose bling

I'm taking the plunge. In the spirit of Sarah Von and TNR, I'm going to make a list of things I want to do before I turn 28. I've given myself a couple handicaps—for instance, I don't turn 27 until this August, so I have a little more than a year; and I've already done #1—but I figure sharing this with you guys will help keep me on track.

  1. Get nose pierced
  2. Take belly dancing lesson(s)
  3. Work with a voice coach
  4. Play my way through an entire piano book
  5. Actually get our band together and perform at least once
  6. Build something on my own
  7. Finish a book draft
  8. Submit book proposal to agents
  9. Throw out the first pitch at a minor-league baseball game
  10. Get tattoo commemorating dance
  11. Dance with Noah in public
  12. Volunteer at the women's shelter
  13. Volunteer at the cancer center
  14. Volunteer in the NICU
  15. Finish and go live with Fierce Beagle facebook page
  16. Produce another podcast
  17. Record another essay for NPR
  18. Compete in another sprint triathlon
  19. Successfully grow food
  20. Visit a North Carolina beach
  21. Camp at a primitive site on Stone Mountain
  22. Learn three songs on piano by heart
  23. Become a proficient bass guitar player
  24. Express appreciation for our volunteer fire department
  25. Submit an essay or article to one national publication
  26. Host afternoon tea
  27. Make a quilt
  28. Sew my own dress
I'll keep you guys posted on my progress, but for some inspiration, how about you tell me something you're proud you accomplished? Or how about something you hope to accomplish?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Kiri said...

I am ridiculously proud to have passed the second year of my computer degree, I was fairly convinced post-exams that I'd failed.

As for something I hope to accomplish there's two major things really. I want to work on a West End production and I want to emigrate to New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm doing 21 Things Before I Turn 21. The list is over on my blog and involves pole dancing, corsets and the sound of music. Yesir!

ally said...

Learning an easy way to bake my own bread, especially baguettes, from this book . It's another step on my way to being as self-sufficient as I can with the food my family eats, and I looove homemade bread.

naomi said...

Hah! I read "live" with a short vowel and though, "Man! That IS a commitment." Neat list, though =)

BunnyKissd said...

I turn 40 (omg I *SO* do not feel like I could possibly have lived that long!) in 22 days, and a few months ago I made a 39 before 40 list. Some of the things I put on it, I've decided were things I just didn't need or want to accomplish anymore (17. Tell an old friend about my new life. Maybe if we keep in touch more, but for now, not so important.), and others I think I was too ambitious with (I wanted to paint over a dozen paintings, but it takes me longer than I thought to do just one!). Some required making connections with other people and I am not sure those will happen in time, but a bunch... more than I expected... have been accomplished! Good luck to you!

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