Key Players In My Fantasy Dinner Party League

Because OF COURSE one day I’ll gain the power to bring back dudes from the dead who want nothing more than to break bread with me. Also, unless they’re really into vegan barbecue chili, let us assume I’m catering the affair with my life’s savings.

PG Wodehouse: Even though he was the single greatest humorist of the 20th century, I’d like to think I wouldn’t badger him with questions or incessant praise. The man has not only changed my life, but probably saved it. I’d just want to feed him a good meal and let him enjoy it in peace.

Vladimir Nabokov: He always said that the key to his work is the afterlife – here’s my chance to find out! As a tribute to his unique writing process, I’d have the evening’s menu printed on index cards and allow him to shuffle courses to determine what was served when.

Ryan North: Writer of Dinosaur Comics and, in my book, current frontrunner for leading humorist of the 21st century. And, more importantly, the fellow who gave me the gift of the word “dudes”. No, seriously, he dedicated a Dinosaur Comic to me about it a few years ago. Even though there’s no way in heck that he remembers it, that alone nets him a spot at the table.

Hugh Laurie: One of the most dangerously sexy and brainy men in Hollywood. He also portrays both of my long-time imaginary boyfriends: Gregory House and Bertie Wooster. And something tells me he'd be as psyched as I to meet Wodehouse.

Oprah Winfrey: Screw light banter: the Empress of Self-Empowerment would have some amazing career advice for a headstrong, artsy 20-something. Plus, she’d totally bring the hostess gift to end all hostess gifts.

Too bad my table only seats six, or else I could have shipped in Alec Baldwin as a little eye candy. Who’s sitting around your fantasy table?

Posted by TKOG from That Kind Of Girl.


Herself said...

I was inspired by this post so much today I made my own list and posted it... Only one overlap with Oprah. I think she'd be a dinner party winner. :)

I won't leave the link but if u guys wanna have a look it's the latest post on my blog...x

Karolina said...

Can you share Wodehouse, Nabokov and Laurie with me?

Apart from those I'd get Gregory Peck, Catherine Hepburn and Jane Austen ... and Michael Palin...

Karolina said...

Katherine Hepburn - I think she'll decline the invitation for that mistake! Put forgive me, I just got back from a four hour exam!

* said...

I don't think I'll make a new round-up, I think I'll just join yours :D I'm totally with you on Wodehouse, Laurie and Nabokov!

Dave said...

Let's go old school:
Nickola Tesla- maybe the most brilliant or crazy mind ever. Either way great dinner guest!

Phil Hartman- tragic waste of comic genius

Princess Grace- I believe I just trumped you in the eye candy department!

Jerry Garcia- Has to be some great stories there. Has to be.

Em said...

Karl Pilkington. Do you watch/listen to the Ricky Gervais show? Then you agree, obviously, that he would be the best.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Einstein, Jesus, Bob Dylan and Steven Spielberg.

naomi said...

Hobbes (the tiger, of course), Spider Robinson, James Spader as Alan Shore, Elizabeth Bennet, Lewis Carroll, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Alright, only need mild resurrection, but come now.

Oh, and Atticus Finch. Then I could network (verbing nouns already!) the shit out of him, proposing partnership in Alan's fantasy firm. Crane, Finch, and Shore -- I smell spinoff squared.

OH! And Robert Hass. Shit, son. My brain just imploded with the awesome.

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