Principled stands I have trouble remembering to uphold

I am a woman of many principles. Unfortunately, I'm not the most disciplined disciple in the world. Here are some things I feel strongly about but haven't yet mastered the logistics.

Using reusable bags. I have many, but I have yet to figure out a place to keep them that will trigger my memory as I'm headed out the door. Remembering for groceries is easier, but shopping at department stores or the pharmacy? Hard. And yet every time I walk out of a store with a plastic bag in hand, I glumly contemplate the environmental and biological consequences of my forgetfulness.

Recycling. Ever since I was an elementary schooler in the perpetually drought-afflicted and highly populated Los Angeles county, I've been stringent about water conservation and recycling. I'm still a stickler for faucet control, but where I live now, recycling pickup isn't even offered. I need to come up with an easy way and location for storing recyclables at my house, then schedule a weekly drop-off.

Eating organic, locally grown food/free-range, grass-fed meats. This one isn't actually so much about remembering as it is an issue of affordability and convenience. I don't eat that much meat anyway, but I'm a strong believer that omnivores like us could and should do better than farm factories. And pesticides/insecticides? Yikes.

Dog training. I have two dogs: a four-year-old beagle/shepherd mix, and a three-month-old beagle/Corgi mix. They're both pretty decent behavior-wise (no desperate calls to the Dog Whisperer are in order) but I have dreams of them being therapy dogs. Achieving that would take a lot more discipline on my part.

What about you? What do you preach but have a hard time practicing?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


NatalieCottrell said...

Haha! Love this post! You've definitely got great intentions...but those seem to be the toughest to carry out. :)

I'm all about being vegetarian (a.k.a. vegan fail), but I have the hardest time parting with my leather goods. It's just ridiculous because faux leather products are so cute these days, but it's a principle of quality versus a principle of...well, principle. I'm proud of the fact that I finally traded in my trusty name-brand handbags, only to realize that I'm still sporting my favorite flip flips and bracelets, all of which are genuine leather. Gah!

Kate said...

Always forget the Green Bags too ... Even once remembered to put them in the car, then forgot to take them into the shop ... trolley was too massively full for me to dump it, and go get the bags, so I had to endure the disparaging glances of the geeky fourteen year old checkout-chick, as I advised her in a whisper that "Yes, I do require plastic bags, today".

Los Schoenys said...

I feel ya, sister! I have so many reusable bags with the intention of taking them with me everywhere I go...but I ALWAYS forget. Maybe I should keep them in the trunk of my car?? I also have all these dreams of feeding my family only organic foods...but that crap's expensive!!!!

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