Things That Tickle Me and Warm My Cold, Cold Heart

My little cat, Bella

I'll admit it...there are times I really enjoy being a curmudgeon.  And then something so fantastically cute will happen that I have to smile and say, "Awww..." and my little Grinchy heart has a growth spurt.  Here are a few things that tickle me and warm my cold, cold heart:

1.  My little cat--My female cat has one of those cat personalities I like to call "cold observance."  BUT, every morning as I go to put on my make-up, she jumps on the counter and watches me and talks occasionally.  "Mah?" she'll say, as I powder my face.  I reply, "What are you doooinnnnggg?" while she walks across the counter to the other side (to get a better look, I presume).  "Mah?" she'll repeat, and then we play the game all over again.  Stupidly adorable and I love it.

2.  Kids in a wagon--I'm not especially fond of children.  I mean, they're fine, but it's not like I'm lining up at the Small Person Store to buy one.  The other day, though, the local day care was taking their class of little ones (less than two, I'd say) out for lunch.  They had had 'em strapped into two big red wagons and were pulling them along to McDonalds.  Each child was being SO good, and since the day was lovely, they all tilted their faces to the sun and let the wind ripple their fine baby hair.  Oh my...where is the Small Person Store???

3.  My grandmother--My grandmother is a hilarious lady.  Even at 89, she is WITH it.  In fact, she often carries a hand-held Tetris game so that she can play to "keep her mind sharp."  She knows every other old lady in her church, and every day, she calls a few of them up and just talks to them to keep them company.  She remembers the names of their children and their children's children, and can often even remember among those who is sick with what or which one is going to college where.  She can't walk well any more, but she rules the roost from behind her walker...AND her computer  She was on Gmail before most of the world, loves Facebook, and has recently acquired her very own digital camera.  She enjoys taking pictures of the fam, uploading them to Facebook and tagging everyone.  She is awesome.

What are the things that tickle you?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Magatha-May said...

your grandmother sounds like an awesome lady

Chrissy said...

LOL, I have the same convo w/my cat...and I agree about Grandma- mine use to always amaze me w/the things she would say...
Things that tickle me:
1. watching the birds hide out while I put feed in their feeders.. they know the sound.. I can hear they chirping and telling each other "thank God, the old lady got her ass out and is feeding us"...
2. the birds trust me to the pt. they will let me near their nests when their babies are there.
3. creating a cool arrangement in one of the areas of my yard...

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