Things that are just as bad as waking up thinking it's Saturday when it's really Tuesday

Not to be a downer, but I figure getting these off my chest would be a good thing.

Getting into a really great TV show on DVD then realizing the end is near. Bonus points for falling in love with a show that was prematurely canceled.

Being tricked by a book. Most good editors won't allow a writer to pull the wool over the reader's eyes. A good twist is one thing; a lie or withholding information for the sake of shock is another. Also, books with a lot of back matter can lead you to believe you've got more of the story when what you really have are end notes.

Thinking you've got your financials in order. This inevitably leads to a broken-down car, medical bills, a student loan coming out of the woodwork, a hefty list of expensive textbooks for the next semester, an unexpected vet bill, etc.

That one recurring dream where you have to take a final for a class in which you totally forgot you had enrolled. For me, inevitably, it's a math class. Also, I once forgot to do a take-home portion of an advanced algebra test. In college. So my math-class stress dreams are actually validated by real experience.

What really hits you in the pit of the stomach?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Vixel said...

I'm a Joss Wheadon fangirl, so I totally get falling in love with a show that gets prematurely cancelled!

That Kind of Girl said...

For me, it's always a geology class. GEOLOGY! It just doesn't even make any sense.

Marie said...

Realizing that I forgot to do something that I said I would do, ie. letting someone down. I hate that!

Melanie's Randomness said...

The TV show one really gets to me too. thankfully I started True Blood now. lol. But I'm liking the Tudors & I found out its on its last season. Bummer!!

Things that are urking me is that I'm dating a guy with the same name as my horrible ex so I'm dreaming of the horrible ex because the new guy is too new in my head. It's driving me insane!!

Katie Mae said...

@Vixen + 1 (is that how +1 works?)
Also the show Defying Gravity. Brilliant; cancelled after half a season. There's that lingering empty feeling for days after you the last episode.

Anonymous said...

Shut up! I thought that I was the only one that had the repeat dream of finding myself in Finite and realizing that it is the final exam and I haven't been to class once and I have to get a 100%! I hate that dream! Hate Hate Hate! I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

BTW...What is even worse is watching a tv show after it has been cancelled.....I fell in love with Firefly and now I am so sad that there isn't more.

Herself said...

Gah. Waking up on a Sunday morning, thinking it's Monday, getting dressed in a hurry, leaving your house, almost arriving at work and then realising...IT'S SUNDAY. Disgusting.

Daughter of a King said...

Waking up and THINKING you're late to the extent that you give yourself a panic attack only to realize that you have another hour to sleep. Naturally, you can't even fall asleep again after the adrenaline has been pumping through your veins at full throttle. Just makes me mad at my internal clock.

Aury said...

Daughter of a King I totally agree. I keep dreaming that im late for my class and then i wake up panicking that im late just to realise i've still got another hour to sleep. Its happened twice in the past week!

Laura said...


when Mental was cancelled I had a hissy. A HISSY.

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