Why I Love Post-its

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Are there many modern conventions greater than the mighty Post-it?  Here are just a few reasons why I love the yellow (or green, or pink, or neon) sticky buggers:

1.  Post-its are great for list-making and labeling--Post-it on your fridge--"MILK"!  Stick it on your purse to remind yourself not to forget tampons!  Put it on your lunch at work so that people stay the hell away from your leftovers! 

2.  Post-its are fantastic for making you look busy and important--I have stickies all over my desk!  To remind me of things!  That MUST get done!  It's on a Post-it, for god's sake, so it must be URGENT!

3.  Post-its make me look like I give a sh*t about what people are saying to me--Uh-huh, yeah!  Of course!  72!  Perfect!  Yep, I've written it down!

Why do you love Post-its?
Posted by The Naked Redhead


Anonymous said...

I love post it's for all of the above reasons, combined with the fact that I get them in an assortment of colors (patterns!) and shapes. A little way for me to brighten up my work space.

Chrissy said...

I love post its because they come in all sizes!. how about the one that has a pen and it spits out a little post it so u can write and then stick when marking a place in a book?? too cool

The Naked Redhead said...

What?!? WHAT?? A Post-it Pen? I must have this, immediately.

Melanie's Randomness said...

It makes me feel organized when I'm totally not! hehe =P

magnolia said...

post-its can be used to label everything in the sublet so that when the new roommate shows up while you're out, he knows where stuff is. he may also think you're neurotic and insane, but that's just a side effect of the convenience.

Megan said...

Another awesome use for Post-Its? Communicating with one's spouse, who is lucky enough to wake up about an hour after one leaves the house. In this particular case, the note in question was "WTF, cat?" and left next to (yet another) mangled mini-blind segment.

stephanie said...

omg i use post-its for freakin everything. right on.

naomi said...

Fun fact: I love Post-its because they were an accident. Seriously, the dude was *trying* to invent a ridiculously badassed strong glue, and instead wound up sparking the Post-it empire. THANK YOU READER'S DIGEST CIRCA 1990'S.

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