My Favourite Uses for Strawberries

It's summer in the UK right now, and strawberries are one of my favourite things about summer! Usually I just eat them on their own, straight from the punnet, no sugar, no cream, just fruity yummyness, but sometimes I like to shake things up a bit. Here's some of my favourite ways to eat strawberries, aside from on their own or with cream.

  1. Balsamic strawberries - drizzle strawberries with balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with sugar, crack some black pepper over them and allow it to soak in for an hour or so before eating. Delicious!
  2. Strawberry daiquiri - So much nicer made with fresh, pureed fruit than with a syrup or mix. Fresh strawberries, lime juice, sugar syrup and rum - it's like a delicious alcoholic smoothie!
  3. Strawberry jam (jelly) - It takes an age to make, but home-made jam is so much tastier than the shop-bought stuff.
  4. Cream teas - terribly English, scones with sliced strawberries, clotted cream and a pot of tea. Not very healthy, but exceedingly tasty!
  5. Strawberry Jelly (Jell-o) - Simply strawberry-flavoured jelly with strawberries suspended in it - great at the end of the season when they start to get expensive as it makes them go a bit further!
  6. Strawberries in champagne - or Cava, or just cheap sparkling wine. Add a little strawberry syrup or liqueur and a whole strawberry or two to each glass, and top up with the bubbles. Soaking the strawberries in vodka beforehand adds a nice kick too!

What are your favourite strawberry recipes?


Melanie's Randomness said...

Chocolate covered strawberries!! LOVE THEM!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you just made me crave a Dorset cream tea.

Alison said...

Strawberry daiquiris...Yum!

I also love strawberry lemonade. And, of course, strawberry lemonade cake!

That Kind Of Girl said...

Mmm, clotted cream and scones. My (clogged-arteried) heart just skipped a beat.

enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

What about strawberry by themselves : gariguette, mara des bois, fraise des bois.
Those are différentes kind of strawberry, I like them juicy, sugared and flavored.

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