Stuff I keep around my house whose only purpose is to make me happy

I used to be a pack rat as a kid. I crammed all the furniture, art, knickknacks and posters I could into my tiny bedroom. I even had a wrought-iron basket hanger in one corner. Now I like things streamlined, with a sense of being lived in. I don't mind papers sitting around as long as they're stacked neatly. I don't have a ton of knickknacks, but what I do have on display are things that mean something to me. There are a few things, though, that I keep around just because I adore them.

A map of the universe. This thing is sizeable—it takes up the whole wall between my front door and living room window—and virtually useless, since I don't plan on doing any galactic voyaging in the near future. But I'm an Inner Space Nerd. Plus it's pretty.

A replica steamer trunk full of blankets. Sure I have a linen closet in the hall. Sure I'm much more of a heat person than a cold. But I like walking in the front door and seeing an old-timey chest chock full of cozy.

A sheepskin. I had one when I was a little girl, so when I saw them on sale I had to pick one up. It's draped artfully over a chair in my living room. Although in the dead of winter, I have been known to curl up under it. That baby holds some heat!

A small carving of two wooden turtles. Do they sort of look like a tiny pile of turd from a distance? Yes. But Noah bought them for me for Christmas just two months after we started dating and wrote a little note on the bottom saying, "I hope one day these will find a place on your mantel." Because I had talked about how I looked forward to one day having a house with a fireplace and a mantel.

Anything you just can't live without?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Anonymous said...

Books from my childhood. Rocks from my travels. An old sweater I wear to bed when I want to remember being in love as a teen. I love those special items that bring back a million memories.

That Kind of Girl said...

My bust of Lenin and I approve of these treasured objects. (To say nothing of the electric-green piggy bank I keep next to him. It's kind of a Soviet kitsch slash "Animal Farm" homage.)

Deidra said...

Wait....a boy named Noah gave you two turtles? He did take all the animals two by two, after all...

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