Things I wish I'd quit doing now that I'm a grown-up

Remember when you were a kid, thinking "I can't wait until I'm 16 so I can...", or "When I'm 18 I vow to..." or "When I'm 21 I'll finally be able to...", etc. Well there are a few childish things I cling to that I really wish I'd grow out of.

Thinking I can just hold it until I get home. Seriously, just go pee in a public bathroom already. I'll thank myself when we get stuck in traffic.

Stop believing those uncomfortable knickers will magically feel better today. You'd think after experiencing the gloriousness of really large granny panties while pregnant, I'd grant myself a little more comfort in the underpants department.

Making the wrong choice at restaurants. I'm the kind of girl who goes for her favorites, but at new restaurants I occasionally misstep and order something that sounds "interesting," and end up hating it. Instead of trying to be fancy and ordering that seafood pasta that tastes like fish water, just go with the spaghetti and meatballs.

Any little quirks you'd like to give the kibosh?

Posted by Erin at The Fierce Beagle


#1Nana said...

Oh, you are so right! Now that I am retired I have to let go of that "someday" thinking. If not now, when?

Alison said...

This is a little embarrassing--I still sleep with a doll. I also can't sleep with the closet door open.

I also still have the speech problems from my childhood. I'm still waiting to grow out of the occasional stutter and my nervous jaw movements. Any time now...

Mackenzie said...

Oh snap! I thought I was the only one with the knickers problem. This post finally inspired me to throw those bad boys out. It's time for homegirl over here to get herself some new undergarments! :)

I honest to Jesus cannot go to sleep with my ceiling fan on. Never ever. I have this odd thought that it will fly off and cut me in half in my sleep?!?!?

Kiri said...

@Alison I still sleep with a stuffed toy, it's a large polar bear at the moment that I bought on a whim in Ikea last year, before that it was a Llama that my sister bought my for my 21st.

I also pick the skin around my cuticles, have been doing it forever, and will probably do it forever, and I pick scabs, unless they're tattoo scabs in which case I fidget and twitch about it, but I leave them alone.

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