Vacations I’d Set Out For Right This Instant (if I hadn’t just overdrafted my checking account buying a pack of gum)

Now that Boston's literally shimmering with heat all day, this underpaid dreamer's mind has turned firmly to vacation plans. Here are a few vacations I'd love to take right now, if money were no object.

Lengthy stay in Kiev: Kiev is the exquisite hidden gem of Eastern Europe. The whole city is built on gently rolling hills, its food is a slight improvement on the salty blandness of Russian cuisine, and the people are incredibly kind to tourists. Plus, you need to ride a funicular to get from one level of the city to another. A FUNICULAR!

Working visit to a monastery: I’m not religious, strictly speaking, but isn’t religious tolerance a professional monk’s bread and butter? I think I’d have a lot to gain from the discipline and community-mindedness of the monastery setting. Unless I got kicked out for making too many Sister Act references.

Holing up to write for a few months in India: I’m not even going to pretend this one isn’t about the food. Fifteen ripe mangoes a day! Blistered naan absolutely seething with clarified butter! Coconut curries ‘til you can’t even remember home!

Madagascar: One moderate-sized island houses 5% of the world’s species of animals -- of which, 80% are exclusive to Madagascar! It boggles the mind! Although, on the negative side, I’d be constantly paranoid that one errant sneeze would end up putting a rare species of gibbon on the extinct list. My egregious bad, guys.

Taco truck tour of the Southwest: Fun fact: food sold out of a truck is approximately seventy times tastier than bourgeois wall-and-ceiling food. Double-fun fact: sweet potato tacos. Guhhh.

…so it turns out the only thing I like about vacationing is eating. And/or potentially killing whole species of mammals. That sounds about right. Where would you rather be than work right now?

Posted by TKOG from Not That Kind Of Girl


Alison said...

South Africa or Kenya!
I'll say I want to go for the culture and food, but I think we all know its 'cause I want to hang out with the animals.

I've already researched trip costs. Sadly, a safari tour is about five or six thousand dollars.

Herself said...

I'm from Ireland, so my idea of a great holiday (it's what the crazy Irish people call vacations :P) right now would be to go stay in a beachside villa in Santa Barbara or else a party week with all my friends in Las Vegas. :) xx

Anonymous said...

I'd love to drop everything I have going on and spend a couple of months traveling across western Europe with my dude. Unfortunately, I think my cats would waste in my absence.. and my mother would miss me, so no dice!

Karolina said...

OK - great dreams - but never tell anyone that you're eating RUSSIAN quisine in the UKRAINE, especially considering the history they had. It's a huge faux pas - take the advice from a Pole;)

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