Famous Dudes/Ladies I'd Like to Chill With, but not Bone



We all have a list of dudes/ladies that we have crushes on (holla, late-90's Brad Pitt!). But what about those people we think would make super awesome FRIENDS? Like those people you think that you'd maybe make out once with if you were super drunk, but mostly, you want to talk about your old relationships, music, books, beer, and other awesome things? Here's my list:

1. Hugh Laurie--Dude is hilarious. He's also a talented musician and writer. I'd like to sit at a cafe sometime with him and people watch and make snarky comments.

2. Duff, the Ace of Cakes--Funny, somewhat childish...and BAKES. We could have an inside joke about fondant, I think. And I know he likes a good beer.

3. David Sedaris--He's neurotic, loves story telling, and leans toward the macabre. We'd watch surgeries on TV together, while eating a huge pile of spaghetti.

4. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey--I'd like to see how ridiculous things could get while hanging out with these two. Oh, and hey, now they're both stressed-out mothers, so you know they know how to UNWIND.

5. Caroline from the Real Housewives of New Jersey--Okay, not that I'd ever, EVER watch something as trashy as the Real Housewives (cough, cough) but if I DID, I'd totally want to be friends with Caroline.  She's sharp, witty, has raised good kids, and seems to have a little more depth than your average housewife.  We'd bond over wine, and she'd counsel me on my life and then offer me a sandwich.

What famous dudes/ladies would you like to have a platonic relationship with?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Speaking of Real Housewives... I'd pick Bethenny from the NY version... She's the sanest one of all the neurotic ones on RH of NY...She outshines all of the NY women who think they are still young..
how about Pierce Brosnan? always like a man that ages gracefully- he doesn't even look in his 50's.

That Kind Of Girl said...

Dude, the first two guys on this list (aka: the only two straight dudes) are literally the top two contenders on my Dudes To Bone In The Near Future list. Apparently our just-friends list doesn't have a lot of overlap... ;-)

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