Five Domestic Guilty Pleasures

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I'm surrounded by super driven women with amazing careers and ambitious life plans. Which is wonderful. But it makes me pause before mentioning the little domestic chores that bring me joy. I should be beyond this, I know. In theory. In reality, I love homes. And puttering in them is truly the best. Thing. Ever.

Vacuuming a dark carpet that has light coloured lint on it. Watching the carpet transform from obviously dirty to wonderfully clean in a few swift movements of the arm is so satisfying. I also enjoy hearing crunchy things get sucked up, like cookie crumbs or dried mud.

Emptying the dryer lint trap. I especially like cleaning it before I dry a load, and then checking it immediately afterwards to see how much lint my clothes produced. It's extra satisfying to launder items that have been around pets (dog hair shows up like a hot damn in the lint trap) or items that were particularly dusty (blankets left in the car for several years come to mind).

Re-organizing the fridge. It always looks so dark and crowded in there, and yet I can never find anything to eat. If I pull up a chair and start sorting I can usually find several mystery tupperwares, a few pounds of inedible vegetables, and three or four packaged items long since expired. I also usually unearth some exciting treat I'd purchased and forgotten about. So I end up with a clean fridge with lots of space AND tasty food to eat.

Cleaning the bathroom mirror. Take some spray cleaner and a couple of paper towels to all those little fingerprints and toothpaste/flossing flecks and just scrub the heck out of it. Usually this involves a good dose of what my dad called “elbow grease”, so I feel like I'm getting an upper body work out as well. Fun!

Watering houseplants. I love slowly pouring the water on the dry soil and watching it hover there for a few seconds before it gets sucked in. If I'm really lucky then moments later it starts to collect in the little tray the plant sits on. I realize this probably means I'm not watering my plants enough, but hey, I never claimed to be a botanist. I don't love keeping plants alive and healthy. It's just the water absorbyness that fills me with glee.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE CLEANING THE LINT TRAP! That's probably the thing that makes me most sad about not having a dryer. Having to wait for clothes to air-dry, I can deal with, but not getting to try to peel the sheet of fur and fluffies off the lint trap in one piece - that's just depressing.

Herself said...

Woah! It's like you read my domestic mind... I LOVE all those things. Particularly the plant watering one. x

magnolia said...

oh yeah, it's ALL about the lint trap. it's always so satisfying, especially when i wash bed clothes.

Sarah Gignac said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one...

Anonymous said...

LINT TRAP! Even better if I can get it all in one pull.

Danielle said...

I'm definitely with you on the bathroom mirror and the plants, but you can have the other three!

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