In Praise of Invention


Jade Carver said...

Sorry, but why the 'American' message? What about the rest of the world?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jade- to me, that seems like American snobbery. "We're so much better then the rest of the world, blah, blah, blah." The rest of the world is just as awesome (or more so) than America.

Anna W said...

I don't think that was the point being made...I think it was more like, hey, cool, these things were invented her in America! instead of hey, Americans are the only inventors ever!

KittenMittens said...

"hey, cool, these things were invented her in America! instead of hey, Americans are the only inventors ever!"

It's still not correct.

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish-Canadian. Edison was not the first to invent the light bulb. He bought the patent from Henry Woodward & Matthew Evans because they couldn't afford to build on it, also Canadian.
I can't take the motivation poster seriously when it's got wrong information :(

Jade Carver said...

Anna - calling it 'the American message' makes it seem like it's exclusive to the U.S, which is... well honestly it's rather off-putting to those of us who aren't American. Invention, creativity, ingenuity... they exist in other countries.

Anna W said...

Ok you're all missing my point, which is, whoever made this wasn't trying to insult anyone.

Jade Carver said...

We're not saying that they were trying to be insulting, just pointing out that people could try to be a little more inclusive with their language.

Anonymous said...

I think it was actually taken from a series about discovering America by Maira Kalman. It was published on the New York Times website last year. It is from this entry, in fact . I guess it should have been attributed properly, and an opportunity for context given.

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