My Christmas List for the year when I become rich somehow

I'm not much for Christmas-list making these days, to be honest. I prefer to be surprised, and most of what I'd ask for is stuff I can't afford myself, so why would I expect anyone else to buy it for me? Here's my list for the Christmas after that book-I-haven't-written-yet hits the best seller list.

What about you guys? Tis now the season to ask for stuff!

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


naomi said...

A bed, a bookshelf, and a dresser. Ah, the life of a student!

Suniverse said...

A new laptop.

A big ass gangster type watch.

Diamond earrings.

magnolia said...

a bunch of new clothes.

a new car.

a few nice pieces of jewelry, including a nice string of pearls and 1/2-carat diamond studs.

perpetual renewal of my saints tickets.

and while we're at it, a condo in the CBD or the french quarter in NOLA, with parking, for mardi gras and saints games.

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