The Printed Page is Better Than the Internets [Seriously]

Yes, yes, I know.  The printed word is dead, long live the internets.  I am [obviously] a fan of writing on the World Wide Web, and I read most of my news and blog updates on my phone or on my computer.


There is nothing like a printed newspaper.  I love getting the newspaper.  Here's why it's better than reading about the financial crisis [or Prince William's engagement] on the computer.

The sheer physicality of it.  There are few things more satisfying than the snap you can create when opening up a section of the paper.  That crisp sound, the fact that it's so big you have to use two hands to get a hearty noise, it's a full body workout.

The ritual.  Picking up the paper from my porch every morning makes me feel like a grown up.  And not just a grown up, but someone who cares what's going on in her world.  Even if I'm just getting the New York Times mostly for the crossword puzzles and the Arts section, there is the possibility that I might read the front page.  Or the business section.  It could happen.

Engaging your mind.  And speaking of the crossword puzzle, there are few things that look and feel smarter than a precisely folded paper with the puzzle boldly staring out at the world, waiting to be solved.  The fact that I sometimes can't even get a word [I'm looking at you, Friday puzzle of 11/5 - what the hell was that about?] doesn't make this any less of a delight.  Plus, while you can technically do crosswords on phones and computers, they aren't nearly as satisfying to finish and it's hard to leave them laying around, showing off.

Reuse and Recycle.  I like getting the paper because I can then recycle it and do something for the planet [what?  I know, I know, just humor me.].  Also, I can use the newspaper in case I need to wrap something, like a gift or a particularly ugly vase that a relative gave me and I can't, in good conscience, immediately donate.

What say you?  Paper or electric?


DT said...

paper.. always!

Cecelia Winesap said...

Popping over from The Suniverse! I couldn't agree more. I also say that there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with an actual book. I can't stand thos Kindle things.

Anonymous said...

As a journalism major, this post pleases me, oh so much! Hooray for print papers!

Alyssa said...

not to be one of those people but if you don't get the paper in the first place that's better than getting it and recycling it! well, maybe. i always wonder if internet is worse because of the materials for the internet and computer and wires. and electricity. who even knows which is less evil!

but totally agreed. paper. i mean, look at print book v. on your ipad. not cool. no folding pages or putting a book mark to come back to later or making notes in the margins! the machine is doing everything for you except the actual reading! but even then you can double click on a word and it will tell you the definition. insanity!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! LOVE picking up the paper, reading it with a coffee on a Saturday and Sunday morning, ruffling it around, taking snippets of this and that, getting ink on my fingers - all of it. So much more enjoyable than reading online.

nikki said...

I don't disagree with any of your points, but I've switched from paper to only internet news. I love the paper paper, but I'm lazy about taking my recycling to the bins as it is and the papers were really stacking up. Also, if you get the web subscription, which I do to the Washington Post & the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, you get extra content not available in the paper. Plus being able to read on my phone is sweet.

magnolia said...

i do enjoy a physical magazine (esquire, rolling stone, etc.), but the newspaper in physical form became a chore. i do not have the time to read it every day, and the last time i subscribed to the washington post, i ended up with a stack that came collarbone-high. fearing a future as a hoarder, that subscription came to an end FAST.

Suniverse said...

I'm so glad that you all love the printed word. It's such a relief that it hasn't gone the way of the dinosaur. Like it's always purported to be doing. LONG LIVE PAPER!!

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