Qualities that make the movie Titanic awesome

The other day, my husband said, "Titanic was a really good movie until the boat started to sink." He explained that the handcuffing and stress and insane Billy Zane were over-the-top stressful. But here's why I think the film deserves a special place in cinematic history.

Educational about deep sea exploration/treasure recovery. Now I know that it takes a lot of robots to uncover history beneath the sea, and also to never look for treasure in the obvious places.

Kate Winslett's boobies. Cheers for a somewhat curvaceous babe showing skin for a change.

My Heart Will Go On theme song. Because anything that gives Celine Dion an excuse to showcase her full and fabulous vocal range is all right with me. And also the way she beats her chest ferociously whenever she says "heart."

Respect for elders and the art of circuitous storytelling. The 132-year-old Rose kept the crew riveted with her sharp-as-nails historical-personal yarn for upwards of five hours.

A full life is worth more than a diamond the size of your fist. That settles it: The first chance I get, I'm casting this multimillion dollar jewel I've been holding onto into the ocean.

What do you think? Does the best picture winner of 1997 move you to tears of adoration or despair?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


magnolia said...

now see, if i hadn't graduated from high school in 1998, i might be able to get past all this. but not only was the "titanic" soundtrack the centerpiece of our dance school's spring recital, but "my heart will go on" was our prom theme. it was just. too. much. i can't hear it now without getting itchy. (not that prom wasn't fun - my platonic date and i had a blast.)

Laura said...

Oh dear God yes I'm with Magnolia. On top of that, somehow my mother fell in love with that song and would play on repeat at home for HOURS. And THEN, my little sister who was learning to play the French horn decided that would be her song for her solo performance, so she would practice it (badly, I might add), all the damn time.

So, uh, that song makes me want to die. But other than that, I do like the movie.

Miss Scarlet said...

I LOVE the movie. I saw it twice in the theatre and many more times since then.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED (note the past tense) this movie! I was 8 years old when it came out and saw it 4 times in theaters. However, now that that I am 21 I just cannot sit through the entire thing, it is just way way too long. I would love a shorter version where they just put in the best scenes and cut out the inconsequential things. Oh and the Britney Spears spoof ruined the throwing the diamond over the ship. :(

Raquel said...

Kate Winslet's dresses. Gorgeous. And Molly the Unsinkable. I was 7 when this came out so didn't get to see it in the theatres, and then somehow never got around to seeing it until I was 16! I adore it, though.

That Kind Of Girl said...

Man, Titanic moves me to tears of disbelief that it came out THIRTEEN YEARS AGO. Seriously?! It's been that long?!

For the record, I watch this every few years and still think it's a pretty fantastic movie. I just love Jack's moxie in the dinner party scene. Still my dream guy, all these years later...

Anonymous said...

Completely overrated. And that song is just tired

Chels said...

If you can believe it I have never once seen a single frame of this film. I put it down to my rebellious, too cool for school attitude of the late 90's..."what! my friends are seeing this movie repeatedly...Pff not I, I'm way to cool for that kind of malarky" (I'm pretty sure that's how my thought process...pretentious little s%#t I was)

Suniverse said...

Love love love Kate Winslet. Actually enjoyed watching the ship sink.

Billy Zane? My daughter and I call him Mr. Plastic Fantastic. He's just . . . weird.

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