Reasons I Just Can't Take You Seriously

Ever been in conversation with someone when suddenly, you're like, "Yeahhh...I can't take this person seriously anymore?"  It's happened to me, and here's usually why:

1.  You're wearing sunglasses.  We're inside.  It's 11 pm.--Sunglasses are for, well, the sun.  While they've become a status symbol of "cool" they're still not meant to be worn indoors.  Unless you're a rockstar, check 'em at the door.

2.  Your pants are tighter than mine.  You're male.--Dudes?  Some of you are super hot, and yes, I've maybe fantasized about what you'd look like with no clothing...but the super skinny jeans?  Those are for ladies, and that's not how I want to see your junk.

3.  When given the choice between chain food and lovely little local shop, you choose chain food.  Every time.--Look, I get that we all have our little addictions when it comes to fast food, but going to the fast food Mexican place, and then bringing that food into a REAL Mexican restaurant (yes, I've seen it)?  Blerg.

4.  You're retiring.  Again.--I'm looking at you, certain athletes and movie stars.  You know who you are.

 What are some reasons you can't take others seriously?
Posted by The Naked Redhead


magnolia said...

chain food - one of the many, many things i do NOT miss about the cow town in which i attended law school. i haven't been to a non-local chain restaurant since i moved back to the metro DC area.

and i am SO, SO with you on the "certain athletes" thing. i was watching NFL red zone on sunday with my boyfriend, and the guy in the studio said about a certain vikings QB: "it's like in 'nightmare on elm street,' when you're standing over freddy krueger's smoking corpse and you say, 'that will never happen again.' and then, before you know it, he's back." we almost died laughing. 'course, we're saints fans, so we thought we'd killed that certain vikings QB back last january...

Ginger Jane said...

People who rant at you about animal rights and not eating meat and then buy three pairs of brown leather knee high boots and where a fur toque whenever they can. Hypocrisy in action, kind people.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you about the tight pants on guys! In my 8:00 class this morning actually, the guy sitting across from me was wearing a particularly tight pair and it left nothing at all to the imagination. Definitely not something I want to see so early in the morning...

Daughter of a King said...

I'm a GB Packers fan, (and therefore an anti-"just kidding! retiree" person) so this was lovely to read. I exercise my villainy every weekend that the Vikings have a game hoping he'll get a debilitating injury that will just end his career already....but I'm not bitter. ;)

Nikki said...

Oh, I'm one of those sunglasses inside people but it's not my fault I swear! I am as blind as a bat and sometimes I forget to bring my glasses with me when I leave the house and I'm stuck with my (prescription) sunglasses even when I'm inside, or there is a sudden storm and it gets all dark and gloomy or our daytime romp at the beach turns into a night out at a restaurant. It's either sunglasses inside or not being able to pick up my cocktail glass because every time I reach for that fuzzy shape on the table I knock something over!

Eyeliah said...

you say one thing... then another that contradicts what you just said!

Suniverse said...

Even rock stars should not wear sunglasses indoors. It's just wrong.

[Pssst . . . Bono . . . stop it.]

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