Favorite Ways to Unwind

My life lately has been...nutty. Days with nothing to do? I don't even know what that's like anymore. So unwinding at the end of a long day (or week) is a definite treat, and here I've narrowed it down to a few of my favorite ways to do so.

1.  A glass of wine + bad TV:  The wine doesn't even have to be GOOD. I just want a tall glass of it and I want to be watching something with a housewife, pregnant teen, or people in a "war" over baked goods.

2. My Kindle + silence:  I want a good book and no noise. Quiet puppy snores are the only exception.

3.  A happy hour + close friend + fried cheesy potato tot thingies:  My friend Lisa and I have our little dive bar we go to. We each get a double gin and tonic for $4 and a huge order of "Fried Cheddar Munchers" for $2. Pure, carb-infused, $6 bliss.

What do you do to unwind?
Posted by The Naked Redhead


Stephanie said...

Your happy hour sounds fantastic. I've got to find a good dive bar somewhere around me...

My formula for relaxation post harrowing day at work is as follows:
1) strip work clothes & jewelry
2) put on fuzzy socks, boyfriend's flannel pajama pants, t-shirt, & hoodie
3) fix a snack
4) become one with my couch and/or bed with either tv on dvd (I don't have cable) or a book.
5) don't move again for however long it takes.

That Kind Of Girl said...

Oh man, Friday nights I would die if I didn't: go home, get naked, order buffalo wings for delivery, and lie on the floor watching NBC's Thursday night line-up on Hulu.

Er, I lie on a blanket, obvi. Ain't no one wants to be naked on a hardwood floor. (Unless it's for sexytimes, I guess.)

The Naked Redhead said...

Both of those things you guys do...I want them.

Mandy said...

All three of your ideas sound so amazingly perfect, I want to go home and do them right now.

A shower in a candlelit bathroom can be fairly blissful too (well, it would be if my apartment's shower wasn't one of the bitchiest household plumbing devices I've ever met. We have issues.)

magnolia said...

my preferred tactics:

1) red wine + hot bath + music + book.

2) journal + pen + music

3) football game, if it's available. (can sometimes backfire if my team loses)

4) dark, quiet bar + good wine + good conversation.

5) my man + his bed. 'nuff said. (and that doesn't always require action; just sleeping that way is fine too. his mattress is AMAZING. i sleep the sleep of the just when i'm there.)

Liz said...

I do the first one quite often and I agree that it can be very therapeutic. My version of the third option is meeting my friend at our favorite pho place for steamy bowls of pho soup and tasty spring rolls. mmmmmmm.

Suniverse said...

Ooh, I love reading to unwind. And watching FoodTV. Although that usually makes me really hungry.

I miss the days of unwinding at a dive bar. I need to start doing that again.

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